Sunday, September 9, 2007

Extra! Extra!

"Hang in there"....Did you notice that when people say this to you, whatever it was you were "hanging" onto was released a long time ago. When it comes to the point for someone to urge you to hang in there, you've most likely been staring up looking for something to grasp onto, and you're really "hanging" onto nothing. More like reaching for something.
I can safely say that my dignity has been has been sacrificed in lieu of being an extra. Not just any extra, Oh no....that would be much too sophisticated....

Instead, I was an extra for none other than the.......::Drum roll please::....
Thats right.
Now, I dont think that I even need to explain why this is such a shameful confession.
The evidence is pretty clear;
A. Faux psychic's claiming to help "tell your future" and steal your money for a steep 3.99 a minute, and believe me, when you're desperate, their claims can be quite alluring- even if your pyschic is a chubby ostentatious English man, with a pinstriped hot pink suit, diamond eyelashes, lip gloss, and more diamonds on his pinky ring that in the Queens crown. That alone should tell you something.... ( ahem, con artist.) And no, I didn't make this man up. He's real.

B. I spent 7 hours, as an audience member... making over exaggerated, OO'S and AH's faces, and bursting in fits of cheering after " a good reading". Mind you we filmed all of this out of context. Therefor, I contributed to the swindlers game, and in turn acted as a phony myself.

C. I did this for a measly 45 dollars. No snacks included.

These types of jobs are always interesting. You huddle a group of forlorn starving artists in a bizarre/dirty location (Downtown L.A.) and command them to do natural human things in a very unnatural way. These things can range from; talking to strangers like you're close friends, walking "nonchalatly", standing, laughing, cheering, staring, running amidst a riot, etc. All seems like conventional human behavior. And really, we're generally good sports...until they test us....7 hours standing on your feet, fake cheering, get's a bit tedious when they haven't fed you or let you pee.

You really discover your basic needs when you do these gigs.
"I dont ask for much, just a little water, a little food, i'd like a bathroom break every 10 hours. Those things would be nice." And you discuss these things with your new best friend for the day, whose name you dont know, but you've been holding hands with for 10 hours for background in a date scene. "By the way, i'm Jake!" He says already holding your hand.

The things we do for money. Or fame? No, we all know you're "big break" isn't coming from audience work for The Pyschic Friends Network, you do however get a worthy blog and a full tank.


Anonymous said...

a worthy blog indeed! haha, sounds like an interesting day :)

Anonymous said...

HaHa! Oh my chelsea Bean !! You are an offical Hollywood girl, trying to make it, by doing these crazy ridiculous little jobs, for a few bucks.I so respect you for that, and for having a sense of humour about it !! That will get you through the muck, to the top.Guar an teed ..guess who?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting !! Today is Stella's Birthday !! this could mean something..she was a bit of a REAL Supernatural freak..HaHaHahaHa!!!! You Go Girl!! G. Janny