Saturday, September 15, 2007

Heartbreak sucks because...

....need I elaborate on why heartbreak sucks? Other than the fact that you physically can feel your soul crushed in the pit of your stomach, I'm pretty sure we all understand why it blows. I never even use the word "blows" but, that's exactly what it does. The word "blows" should be under the definition of heartbreak, along with: dejected, "may cause weight gain", miserable, rain on a good hairday, finding out your dog got hit by a car, dreary, and the fall of Hanson. I'm pretty sure all of those things are under "heartbreak" in Websters...?

Let me list the other reasons- they happen to be very fresh, like a fresh little heartbroken baby born into the world, like cut grass, or ripe tomatos, or febreeze- my feelings on heartbreak are that fresh. So here it goes with- You know you're hearbroken when:

1. You feel like a character from "One flew over the Cuckoo's nest" or a patient from "Girl Interupted." Being heartbroken makes you feel like that times a 1000. Straight crazy.

2. Along with feeling crazy- you feel a bit like a stalker. Which is crazy.

3. You're familiar with laying in a ball, on a cold surface, which is pathetic, especially while sobbing.

4. You make a mix CD titled- "Love sucks" or "Songs that say I miss him" or my favorite, simply- "Sad mix."

5. The sight of other couples makes you lose your lunch, accompanied by feelings of fury.

6. You find the "new girl's" profile on Myspace.

7. You ask you friends 8,000 times if shes prettier than you. You say things like..." Why herrrrrrrr???" In the tone of a four year old.

8. You consider being a lesbian. And then consider who you'd actually be a lesbian for- Angelina Jolie? No, shes taken.

9. You feel like Fiona Apple is your best friend and she wrote music simply because she knew this would happen.

Here are the songs on my SAD MIX- sad, or happy. This mix is playlist worthy, itunes would buy this mix from me it's that great.
1. Songs that say goodbye- Schuyler Fisk
2. Hello- Schuyler Fisk*
3. Love Ridden- Fiona Apple
4. Where I stood- Missy Higgins*
5. 9 Crimes- Damien Rice
6. Gardenia- Mandy Moore----- please put "Candy" out of your head for a minute, this song rules.
7. Love is a losing game- Amy Winehouse
8. Grey- Ani Difranco
9. Gravity- Sara Barilles*
10. Better that we break- Maroon 5
11. When you come back down- Nickel Creek*
12. Littlest things- Lily Allen
13. Last Request- Paolo Nutini*
14. Ode to Divorce- Regina Spektor
15. The Letting go- Melissa Etheridge
16. I cant make you love me- Bonnie Raitt----NOTE: You are surely sobbing at this point. hah.
17. Why- Annie Lennox
18. Hows it gonna be- Third Eye Blond
19. Round here- Counting Crows
20.Desperately- Michelle Branch
21. Gotta have you- The Weepies*
22. Dry your eyes- The Streets
23. Rain- Patty Griffin
24. Waiting in Vain- Bob Marley
25. Does he love you?- Rilo Kiley*
and finally 26. One Fine Day- The Caprenters.
*- suggests to play on repeat

So that's for all you heartbreak kids (that movie by the way looks hilarious), jam out while clutching to old photos of ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, and keep the faith.
Heal with; funny friends, good music, long bathes, sleep, throwing things, Ben and Jerrys, episodes of Friends, skipping, The Golden Girls, paint by number, or anything you can do involving tweezers cause it takes serious focus.


Anonymous said...

Hearbreak really does make you feel crazy! And in my case, I probably do become crazy for a couple of days. (OK, fine, fine--for a couple of weeks!)

I loved your 'sad mix' tape. That 9 crimes song is so friggin' sad. I would also add another Damien Rice song to that list--Cannonball. Do you know it?

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

YES! I DO KNOW IT....I considered adding it, but for the matter I could probably just add- ENTIRE DAMIEN RICE ALBUM, he makes you want me to cry. Beautiful music, but heartwrenching. Thanks for reading!

Go Nicole Yourself said...

I had to laugh because I have quite a few of the same songs on my "sad" mix.

I adore Sara Bareillas and Nickel Creek. So fun to sing to.

Nathan said...

very good list, even to this day. wow. some of it is TOO sad

lily allen's littlest things was a great find for me.

Hollandaliv said...

I had to laugh because I have quite a few of the same songs on my "sad" mix. I adore Sara Bareillas and Nickel Creek. So fun to sing to.

Anonymous said...

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