Sunday, September 2, 2007

Let the madness begin..


This is my first post, I just typed a long flowing letter of welcome to myself into the BLOG WORLD. and of course...I lost connection, and lost what I typed.
Why is this this not surprising? This seems to happen to people, when they have something they really want to say....maybe it was so my first blog would be less I was trying to impress my new blog readers.

It made me say "fuck it." Which I say a lot. But basically what i'm trying to say is i'm quite excited to start this blog business...

I write everyday and tend to keep most of it to myself, I dont really know why...maybe because I think no one will read it, or because it's a bit too honest?

Either way. No censorship here. I shall be talking... Chelsea Talks Smack. Mostly about myself :)

Feels good to be here...let it begin :)


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