Wednesday, September 5, 2007

These things made me way cooler.

Reading gives you credibilty. Gives you smarts. Sparks ideas. Encourages dreams. A good book sits next to you on your bed stand and watches over as you dream away....
And aside from the cheeseball sentiments it's a better way to pass time than picking at your cuticles.

So, below are a list of books that i've recently read that have heightened my level of grooviness, to an exceptional altitude.
Eat, Pray, Love- Elizabeth Gilbert. There are simply no words for this book until you read it. A feeling of contentment in everything I envision came along with reading this book, because right there in your hands is a story of an incredible woman who is actually living her dreams, growing through her doubts, making ideas reality, transforming....I'm saying too much because there are no words. Read it. I lived with this book at my side, and read the last page reluctantly, I never wanted it to end.

Chuck Klosterman makes me laugh out loud for real. Belly laughing, snorting, loss of breath, cramps in side...these should all be disclaimers on his books. Warning: Don't read this on a plane, you'll wake up that sleeping guy next to you.

He's clever and outrageous. Chuck if you're listening, take me out, make me laugh.

I almost didnt buy this book, I played eni-meenie-mini-mo, since this is how I make most of my important decisions, between this book and The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Everyone seems to think I should have read that book by now, so I feel somewhat obligated...but, i'm glad this one came first.
To sum it up, Carson McCullers, W.H. Auden, Gyspy Rose Lee, Benjamin Britten, Salivdor Dali...and many more artists live in a house together as somewhat of an experiment, at the height of the careers, they all decide they need a rich environment to create. Or to be destructive in a group of people who would turn a head, or go down with you.

It was really interesting...I wouldn't mind being part of that kind of experiment... the productive side of course.

I actually havent finished this one yet. Thus far it's pretty swell. It's always nice to read stories about someone who wanted something, and actually got it...for example Jancee Dunn landing a job at Rolling Stone after years of dreaming of being a writer, and then in the most unlikely place with her loser boyfriend at a house party, she meets someone who works at Rolling Stone and gets hired off a semi-impressive resume. Kismet.

There is hope.

So...I say keep reading, stay off the streets and eat your vegetables.

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KUDOS .. read Eat, Pray, Love while on hol