Thursday, December 27, 2007

33, IS a special number.

Some things about me that may be mildy amusing to you.

1.I sleep with a blankie. It's name is "Bankie." I've had it since the day I was born.
2.The Blue Man Group, terrifies me.
3.One time I said, "Granola makes me happy." and Heath Ledger said I should make a shirt with that qoute.
4. I can do a PERFECT impression of Britney Spears' "singing" voice.
5.The sight of peanut butter used to make me queasy.Literally, physically sick, looking at it.
6.I used to choke on EVERYTHING:Cheetos, lemonheads, oranges, jolly ranchers, string cheese, kix....the list is endless.
7.I have extremely strange eating habits, and I tear up every single piece of food before I actually eat it...could have something to do with my previous choking history.
8.I used to be a biter. My parents got sent a letter, and I got a few trips to the principles office.
9.I used to have a freckle on my baby toe, and then one disappeared.
10.Baking is my gig.
11.I used to have realllly sweaty hands, and would walk the other way in middle school if I knew someone was gonna give me "daps" or a high five.
12.I've only gotten a car wash 5 years. One time cause there was actually a dead bird on the hood of my car. For at least a week.
13.I cried in front of a classroom of 40 people, on stage, singing "Goodbye my Lover." By James Blunt...Sad, sad song. Poor guy.
14.Someone once thought I was a Ashlee Simpson at Starbucks, and called me a liar when I said I wasn't.
15.I've been 5'6 since I was 12.
16.33 is my number. The explanation requires a seperate blog.
17.I hate steak.
18.I've never seen a single episode of The Simpsons.
19.In Paris I got asked out for coffee at the Eiffel Tower 5 times, 5 seperate men. I said no to all of them.
20.I used to play violin. The only song I know is, "Mississippi Hotdog"
21.My dad got notified he was fighting in the Persian Gulf War while we were building a fort.
22.I used to be on a belly dancing company. They thought I was Lebanese.
23.I'm Italian.
24.When I lived alone I only bought bread once, the rest of the time I made sandwiches out of rice cakes.
25.I got stung by a bee while go-cart racing.
26.I listen to Gospel music while I work out. And also Rage Against the Machine.
27.My nickname when I was little was "The Mean Bean"
28.Kristin Bell from Veronica Mars irritates the f*ck out of me. Her face just annoys me.
29. I have a strange attraction to Criss Angel. I'm convinced he's truly magical.
30.I made more money doing dinner theater when I was 9, than I do now.
31.I hate it when people touch my kneecaps.
32.The first song I ever learned was "Buffalo Solider" by Bob Marley. The second was "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog" by Three Dog Night.
33.My best friend when I was little was from Korea and had 3 fingers, we collected rolly pollys and ate Smacks together. Everyday.

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