Wednesday, December 12, 2007


DUNBAR. IS. A. DOUCHEBAG. (note: Dunbar is from The Real World) And those are the kindest words I have for him. First of ALL- if any man ever called me a bitch the way he so flippantly throws it at the women in his household- they, would lose their penis.

Men like him make it very clear that men have a VERY. VERY. different view of what "love" is.

Dunbar. You make me feel like throwing up.
Note to self: I should have taken mental note when, "man I love," professed his liking for him. Hi, red f*cking flag.
Interesting that we only hear what we'd like to. I hope "sweet Julie" dumps his chauvinistic, disrespectful, scum crusted, black hearted, ass. Motherf*cker.

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