Saturday, December 22, 2007

Kriss Kringle needs a lunch break too.

Santa Claus was enjoying a large pastrami sandwich at Heidi's Deli today. I mean, he was St. Nick reincarnated. Unquestionably the upper echelon of Santa's, up there with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade Santa... but better. If you're a casting director working on a Christmas movie, look no further...your Santa is enjoying some chow in Colorado, it's about time for Tim Allen to retire, he could be The Santa Claus 4. Just a thought.
I would think there would be some sort of contract outlining the reasons you shouldn't venture outside the mall if you're Father Christmas, just in case he has a love of the sauce and is caught sipping Makers Mark, while cat calling 15 year old girls outside Hollister. That's just one scenario, he could just be grumpy after a long hard day of wailing children, nervous peeing on his lap, or asking for things like bows and arrows, or "to just get mommy and daddy back together"....he's not a therapist, he's Santa, I wouldn't be surprised if all mall Santa's get a complimentary flask attached to their belt buckle.
After all that drama from Nov-Dec, wearing the "costume" outside the work place seems like a ticking time bomb for some little kid's dream to get crushed, when all he wants to do is eat a pastrami sandwich...He doesn't give an F if you want a bike, with a basket.
This Santa however, was a nice Santa. So nice, the sandwich was put on hold for this little girl... I was seriously into my turkey wrap, so, I wasn't really paying attention until I noticed my dad....staring off into the distance, misty eyed.
Yes. He was crying.

...he did the silent cry/choke that prevents words from forming.
This is just more evidence to add to my file called "My Dad is the Best Man Alive"
"Its just...Its just...."
Come on, spit it out weeping willow.
" just don't see people that are that kind. Its just so simple, but kind....Kindess like that doesn't exsist, he took his time...and was listening. It's just KIND."
AW. He was right, it was genuinely a sweet moment....that will stick with that little girl forever...and now, I was officially in the Christmas spirit.
We started brainstorming about things that we could the past we've gone and bought groceries for families-anonymously, given to organizations and one time my Papa stopped in the middle of a blizzard and pulled over to give a man his jacket, out of pure kindess. I was only about five, but I remember him saying, "He needs it more than I do."

While i've been the vision of overindulgence, pure gluttony (I was dipping pretzels in frosting the other wrong, but SO DEE-LICIOUS)and have been sitting in my warm home, making family festivies the norm and generally swimming in the abundance of my life, there are so many places that are lacking in areas where I am plentiful. I could be contributing, somewhere? Even on a small scale. So, what could we do....?? This is by no means a new idea, but sometimes we need to be reminded. And today, the embodiment of all things good and joy related,a giver, reminded me.
The brainstorming is in motion, I'm creating "a web"...any ideas?

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