Sunday, February 8, 2009

PROCRASTINATION: I'll do that after I.....peel an orange and watch LOST.

I pride myself on time management. No really, I can time things down to the SECOND...I'm annoyingly prompt and when people aren't, it can quickly insight RAGE. However, that's a whole separate blog- this is really about, how due to my time diligence- I am a MASTER procrastinator.

If there was some sort of belt, medal, level, doctorate in procrastinating, I would be wearing it proudly. Today I started thinking about it....WHY, WHY? do we (me) procrastinate? What part about procrastinating really gets me off?? HM, for one; if you weren't putting something off, what would you have to look forward to??
...Or in my case, if I weren't putting something off, would the playtime that I prefer to indulge in, (whatever "play" my selfish desires choose for the day; eating, spending too much time coloring and listening to old records) be one run-on sentence with no end? Would I ever, STOP. If I didn't have something that needed to be checked off the list, I worry that it'd actually make me lazy....when I know I have something that needs to be "taken care of" I try to cram in as much fucking around as possible before I have to "take care of it."

Then, sometimes I wonder; what would it be like to pay your bills the MOMENT the came in the mail?? Or, who are those people that get off at the next exit sign when the orange gas light flashes EMPTY?? I sure as hell don't, I wait til I'm livin' on a prayer with that sucker....."please God, if you do exist, I'd prefer to not breakdown in the middle of the highway- wearing boxer shorts and flip flops"

Is it that drama of waiting until the LAST second.....or is it that I love just skating in and looking so DAMN graceful doing it. Some sort of strange masochistic challenge I sic on myself. Will I make it???


It's little things, like- the fact that for all of the years I've been wearing jewelry I haven't bothered to get a decent jewelry know the kinds with the compartments, that don't tangle your necklaces into a ball of sterling silver Hell. Instead, I prefer to try and UNKNOT, or dig for that missing earring, every. single. day. I mean, how much time have I actually WASTED doing that???

By waiting till the last second am I saving myself time, or am I wasting it by making the time spent so stressful??

What procrastination is doing is in the place of actually DOING, is creating some false sense of security while "planning" and overplanning, before the actual ACTION.
Is procrastion the ugly fear of falling short once the "thing" is started....what if you don't do it well? Or can't do it?...the fear of failure is easy to put off. Even though, really, it isn't helping any and neither is the "overplanning" in it's place. Instead it's created a false sense of "readiness" for when you finally decide to BEGIN whatever it is that's tucked away on some high shelf. Paying a bill, planning a trip, TAKING the trip, telling someone how you feel, quitting your job, taking a new class, cleaning out your closet, making a phone call, finishing a project....whatever it may be, the same tone is a part of all levels of procrastination; fear, uncertainty, resistance to progress? or change?, laziness....all of which are GRAY energies I could probably do a good old purging of for my own well being.

So instead of doing the things I could do to BENEFIT me, I'm testing myself...and blogging about it instead. On that note, I'm gonna go surf Twitter;



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Anonymous said...

great post! :) i have been procrastinating a big independent study research paper for about a semester now...but i HAVE to have it done to graduate this May so I suppose I better get on it!

Sam said...

Your post was written just for me today! I have to accept a new job, and I keep on putting off that call I have to make! Guess it's because I'm afraid of the unknown. Great post!

kwərk said...

I feel like I put everything off...especially if it stresses me out or causes me anxiety, which is counterproductive since that then makes the anxiety worse...

Amber said...

I've been reading your blog for a while but had to comment today! I ALWAYS do that. My jewelry "box" for lack of better word is a tangled mess but I never bother to fix it. I also am terrible for homework procrastination.. I need to work on that.

Anonymous said...

Oh girl you may as well sign my name at the end of this post. I am a huge procrastinator as well yet I believe I tend to work better under pressure so I keep doing it. At the moment I need to put away the piles of laundry I did this weekend, re-new my vehicle registration and finish a website I'm working on.

nicole said...

doing work today...instead i'm reading blogs

The Blackout Blog said...

I love the idea of a blogger writing on procrastination. Is that what the kids are calling irony?

Anyway, I'm supposed to be working on a tedious project for work. And signing up for an online class. But I'd rather read blogs and not do homework.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm with you on the whole running on empty thing. When I still had a car in the city I used to pull that all the time. It was insane. It was like I was willing the Get-Me-Home-Safe Gods to rain on my gas mileage. I lucked out and never got stranded though.

Anonymous said...

I'm a sucked for procrastinating too. Always doing it, and just like you I'm pretty neat with time management too. In fact, I must dash. I've a shower to get to that I keep putting off. :)

P.S. Snap with the jewellery box!

JUST ME said...

I gotta mom bought me a jewelry organizer for Christmas...and I have never been happier.

Jules said...

My studies, I do them by correspondence and I put them off every day, now I'm weeks behind - again!! Why do I not even do an hour a day?? Why?? Why??

Katelin said...

i procrastinate everything, it's sort of ridiculous.

Lindsay said...

I'm a constant procrastinator. I wish I could be one of those people who finishes things weeks in advance, but that's just not me.

Reagan said...

I finally organized my jewelry and it was sooooo worth it...! :)

I am procrastinating on replying to SO. MANY. DAMN. E-MAILS.

Becky said...

I always would procrastinate in college but only in my Spanish classes. I would wait until I had exactly 1hr before class would start to start a paper.

This wasn't an intro to Spanish class, no no this was a 400 level Spanish Lit and I would wait for 1hr before I had to leave for class! How did I pass?

Chele said...

sometimes I feel productive procrastinating, well at least that is what I tell myself

CAVFC said...

i found that the papers i wrote in college the night or two before they were due received higher grades than the few i made a concerted effort on. i took that to mean procrastination can better your life in many ways :)

love your blog, by the way!

Cecilia said...

I can totally relate to everything that was said in this post. Especially the false sense of security from planning and overplanning - I've made a list to tackle my other lists before (I know, seriously)... talk about avoiding the task at hand! Great blog :)

CIP said...

All I do is procrastinate these days, seriously. Right now, I'm reading blogs instead of making a science powerpoint. Shit. said...

I don't consider certain things procrastinating. For instance, I have to write a 20 page paper for March 12. I have two pages written. It'd be silly for me to write the whole thing now, especially when there are other more pressing things to do. Like read blogs. And reorganize my bills. And paint my nails.

It's just a strange form of time management, that's all.

Rachel said...

I procrastinate EV-erything. I swear I get this weird guilty high from putting things off. One of the things I procrastinate on is responding to people - vm, emails, messages, whatever it is I put it off. I put it off and forget it then in the most random moment I will think "oh shit - I need to call..." Then, I convince myself I'm too busy and go on my way.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Osteria Marco is my FAVORITE RESTAURANT!!! I go there often, usually for super long lunches with a bottle of wine and a few cheese plates with my Momma :)

Caz said...

Seriously? I am the queen of procrastination. it's pretty stupid when I think about it, all through uni I was sliding things in at the last second.
I'm trying to get better now (and am about some things) but I'm still pretty bad in most cases. You're not alone!

ceecee said...

I procrastinated during my last semester of undergrad college...

I procrastinate calling people back over the phone...

And are you ready for LOST tonight??

I'm ready - bring it on!

Stephanie said...

I am a huge procrastinator...HUGE! I always put things off. In school it was the worst. I would wait til the night before a paper was due to start it no matter how many pages. And it just hasn't gotten much better. I do have to say that I am getting in the habit of paying the bills as soon as they come in rather than putting them in a pile to pay later.

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