Thursday, February 5, 2009

Someday IT WILL GROW ON TREES, I mean-it's MADE of trees...

I'm fiscally irresponsible.

There, I said it. ::cue Father patting himself on the back, yes Daddy-you did tell me so::

I mean, I don't go around with credit cards buying things that are unnecessary, in fact, I only have one credit card...which, I maxed out (every.last.cent.) so that I could do Europe like a rock star and not like a grungy hippie. Nothing against grungy hippies- but I'll be the first to say, I am travel snob. And a food snob, or some sort of snob that prefers to dining out in Paris rather than eating a baguette on the street corner for a week straight and coming up with creative ways to braid my hair with the copious amounts of grease its accumulated because of the lack of a functional shower. Just not my gig.

Here's the problem; I have expensive taste. LITERAL TASTE. My taste buds like expensive cheese. AND WINE. I don't have the patience for "When I have (enter number amount here) I'll finally..." I say, do it now. Remember how my motto was, "Fuck it?" Yeah- well, it's sticking like bad performance at the VMA'S.

No, my closet isn't full of designer clothing (not that I wouldn't mind it) but I tend to be a more vintage, thrifty chick as it is. I rarely get my nails done, or getting my car washed...or paying to get my teeth checked...etc....AND THAT, is where the problem comes in: I WOULD RATHER SPEND MY MONEY ON CHEESE AND A VACATION TO STAY AT A BUNGALOW IN BORA BORA than I would paying to check for gum disease.

And sure, wouldn't everybody? YES. But, the difference is "everybody" would usually check for gum disease before buying a trip to Chicago and planning a trip to Sonoma County, around tax season. (yes, Dad- I have been listening...I know tax season is coming up, I was just ignoring you.)

For the past four years I've paid a ridiculous sum in rent in both Los Angeles and New York, I never had a credit card and I didn't have many bills. SO, now though I am paying off my CC bill in gigantic portions...I have decided to avoid getting a PLACE OF RESIDENCE for a few that I can BE: FISCALLY IRRESPONSIBLE.

I'd like to blame my irresponsibility on The Secret. Thank you very much. Magical thinking returns magical living. (This is where most people shake their heads and call me a crazy Gypsy, that's whatcha do.)

Because though I often don't have any CLUE how I'm going to manage to get by for the next few months, I still. manage. BECAUSE I SAY SO. And when it comes down to winnin' time, I'm kicking ass in the final stretch.

No, my head isn't in the sand- It's simply that I really. want. and need. to go to Bora, I will. And when Mr. Tax Man comes along, I won't fail him either...because, I'm scrappy like that. Even if it means being a Sugar Plum Fairy at a birthday party for $200 dollars. (YES. THIS. EXISTS. GOOGLE IT.)

So me and my Fiscal Irresponsibility are going to the 20SB Meetup in Chicago.

MY FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILITY is also responsible for:

1. Planning a wine tasting trip with Nicole to Sonoma County
2. Trip planning to Greece for Late '09
3. Buying expensive cheese blocks with fancy names.
4. Freemark Abbey- the BEST Cabernet
5. Movie dates, with myself. Treats included.
6. Taking up one new exercise class a week; hot yoga, rock climbing, belly dancing (yes that shit is aerobic as HELL.)
7. Date night to the best restaurants in Denver, at least once a week. Next up Mizuna, Centro and Twelve.
8. Road Trip in April to Cali
9. Two music tours in June and July
10.A trip to the Hot Springs with My Love.
11. Spending more time focusing on things that pay VERY LITTLE...but make me RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY and could someday pay more...i.e. music, singing, and ahem-writing. Freelancing doesn't always mean big bucks.

Sure fiscal irresponsibility may be frivolous, impulsive, fleeting....but shit- it's better than a date in dentist chair, or a night at home eating a can of peas. I've done that....

please tell me I'm not alone.


[F]oxymoron said...

You make me want to be a better (fiscally irresponsible) man!

... and I agree 100% when it comes to traveling like a king (or queen, in your case)

Jeanna said...

You know what really sucks? When you spend so much time being fiscally irresponsible that no one will give you any credit cards anymore, so you can't do anything but sit around broke, trying to barely pay the minimums on your fiscal irresponsibility. That's what fiscally irresponsible is. Sometimes I wish I would have forgone the expensive bottle for the cheaper one, or ordered just dinner instead of a four course meal.
It sneaks up on you...

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

20something- indeed....thats why I'm fiscally irresponsible with only one credit card. THAT I AM NOW UNABLE TO USE. SO, with NO CREDIT CARDS. Its best to be fiscally irresponsible with the money you HAVE, or what you have. lol.

Melain said...

OK wait. I totally missed the entry about you finding LOVE! What's the story? Link me!

And I could go ON for YEARS about my fiscally irresponsible nature. I'm the most materialistic person I know. But I'm working on that. Sorta.

Anonymous said...

Right now - NOTHING. Because I'm paying off YEARS of fiscal irresponsibility - which is both sucky and enlightening. But BEFORE, I had clothes, and shoes, and meals, and trips......and I have OLD stuff....and bills that are going DOWN!

Kern said...

It makes me want to pik up my rap and move to the coast-without having a job lined up! Eek!

L.L. said...

It makes me order pizza every pay check. It makes me spend a buck a day on a bottle of water five days a week. It makes me only pay PARTS of the bills that need to be paid (you know, just enough to not get cut off).

I know I shouldn't, but I always do!

Katelin said...

i totally applaud the toad trip to cali, it's a great state :)

MJW said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MJW said...

I'm with L.L. I eat Panera soup every pay period. I also just pay the minimum on things just so they don't get shut off. I'm not a saver but much more of a spender!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Melain- I'll link you :) Hes perfect.

L.L- I love the PARTS of bills, I do that.... e!

Katelin- Indeed it is and Im missing it. PLUS, I hav an entire storage space I'm paying for in L.A. that I need to get my stuff out of! lol.

Leashie said...

I grew up in Sonoma county, and it is most def. the best place to visit in CA! And, you can totally do wine tasting for CHEAP- a lot of the older winerys, esp. those around the Russian River Valley, still let you taste FOR FREE. There are also those that subscribe to a card, you pay $5 to taste 6 wines, then you get a card that allowes you to visit 10 other winerys and taste FOR FREE. Let me know if you need any specific names or awesome CHEAP places to hang out whilst in SoCo.


Anonymous said...

teeth are important,, i am pretty sure :). older you get, the harder it is to fight off certain things like gum disease.
(money goes like water. that is why i just keep a goal in sight of what amount i want saved up by summer. silly not to in this job market. i want expensive stuff too, but little stuff eats away at the savings. so i've decided to wait for the expensive stuff and invest in my life.

kwərk said...

Basically, when I know there is money in the account to cover it, and I am in a store (and seriously, I work in a mall...temptation is never far away) and I see something and think, "I need...REALLY need that!" I quickly assess if I can live off of what will be left in my checking account...I usually can (peanut butter sandwiches for a week? No problem), and buy it.

BUT, all that to say, I'm pretty good about making payments and throwing some money into savings before I do's actually because of this habit that I have learned to make sure that stuff gets taken care of first when I get paid.

Love you, you are not alone! ;)

Ms. Pink Zebra said...

I haven't been to the dentist in a really long time. And I won't go for another month or so b/c I had to buy a plane ticket to Vegas. Haha.

Plus they are just teeth right? Hmm...

My big splurge this year is Vegas in May. I am SO looking forward to it. Hopefully I can find a roommate soon and that will give me more money to play with. Woo. :)

Cristi said...

Damn... I gotta follow your example and travel and be more fiscally irresponsible! Life is too short not to live it lol.

Anonymous said...

The olive bar, pie, goat cheese, knit layering pieces, and trips!

Caz said...

Don't worry I am pretty fiscally irresponsible too! I survive, but spend the rest totally frivolosly.

Unknown said...

I just booked a trip to Cuba on a whim as congrats to myself for getting 'almost' out of debt. The trip has caused more. So worth it.

courtney said...

you seriously amaze me.

my fiscal irresponsibility made me sign a lease on a house in tennessee and then quit my job in minnesota without having another job lined up.


but I had to live here. I HAD TO.
however, that means chicago? might not happen. but i'm working on it.

nicole antoinette said...

Yes! Sonoma! And road trip to Cali!

I love that two things on that list involve ME (cue narcissistic laughter).

Or maybe three things on the list? Tell me more about this Greece trip. Immediately.

Anonymous said...

My fiscal irresponsibility? That would be renting a house when I still have tuition to pay for and a perfectly good apartment.

erin - heart in ireland said...

I'm pretty good, buuuut my one weak point is traveling and eating out. Living in Europe makes the traveling slightly easier, but then I'm inclined to just go somewhere for the weekend.

But traveling is worth it!

Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...

Sounds like you're stimulating the economy quite well, my dear!

That's supposed to be encouraged, right?

Christina said...

I am fiscally irresponsible with my shopping. I love clothes. I can't help myself.

June said...

I am also totally fiscally irresponsible. Like you I am a travel snob and would give up anything to go on a fabulous trip with awesome people. I figure now is the time to do it, while we're young and have very little responsibility. Thanks for the post! Love you blog :-)

Anonymous said...

That shit sneaks up on you! I'm spending lots of time these days paying off past fiscal irresponsibility! Paying bills down lately gives me more satisfaction than buying new stuff. BUT, in the past, it's made me: buy expensive handbags, buy 2 pairs of shoes instead of 1, go to Starbucks several times a week, eat out when I had plenty of food at home. Now I live on a budget. Blah.

JUST ME said...

First of all, when you go to Chicago, if it's around a Monday, tell me. My bro preforms at Second City Improv on Monday's and it's hilarious.

Second...I want to take a road trip to Cali!!

...I need to something with my life. SOON.

Fiscal RESPONSIBLY is super boring.

The Blackout Blog said...

Ugh, all this talk of dropping everything and going to Europe is stirring up thoughts in my head. Thoughts that go against the plan.

But I did a semester in Sydney, and I'm determined to make it back for their Mardi Gras celebration in '10! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Honey I live with my parents paying of credit card debt (so far so good) while at the same time needing to go to the OBGYN (I've been outta birth control for months and they wont give me more without an appointment, sooo... no birth control for me), Dentist (and my teeth are realllly important to me), Dermatologist (I love sunbathing, I don't think my skin does though), Eye doctor (I broke my glasses and new a new Rx, I decided I didn't really need those stupid glasses anyways, my eyes are juuuust fine)and I think there's one more. But seriously, Who has the time OR the money to go all those places?!? That doesn't sound like fun! I'd rather go to the Florida Keys (trip booked for next week), go to at least ten, yes at least ten summer concerts, football games, expensive dinners and buy myself the good wine that I know I deserve. I want it and I want it now I'm only young once. I'll pay for it later. You are NOT alone.

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

hahaha. this is great. I'm going to europe in may and i don't have all the $ saved yet or my eurail pass purchased yet. and i may get pedis and massages once every month or two even when i know it's a splurge. oh and buying too many shoes and going to target are some other ways i remain fiscally irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Fiscal irresponsibility has led me to working the fifteen part-time jobs that then led to blogging which led to us becoming friends! :)

Sadly, the credit card bills and needing health insurance catch up to you one day. Take it from someone who indulged in more than one card...

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Seriously, you all made me feel so much better. CHEERS TO US. lol.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Well, you are not goin' to believe this, BUT, I managed to raise some of your relatives on a wink and a prayer too. Literally!And, I too managed to have some pretty darn good stuff while doing so. I always got the necessary bills paid and had some food around, and not just peas. I did that and didn't care for it either. So, to answer your question.Yes, I agree with you, do it now, and maybe things will turn out fine. I said maybe now.Guess again??

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Well you did a very good job too ;) I know I'll be just fine :) xo.

Anonymous said...

I used to be super irresponsible when it comes to money, but after taking 5 years to pay of 10 grand in credit card debt, I am trying to change my ways. Shoes and expensive lingerie are my weakness. I am also a total travel snob and foodie. Speaking of food...when you go to Mizuna, you must try the mac and cheese. It is to die for! And since we share a love of cheese you should check out Osteria Marco on Larimer Square. Same owner as Mizuna and they make their own cheese. It's just like eating in Italy.

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