Sunday, October 28, 2007

Operation Job Hunt

Man oh man, how I love evening radio talk shows. You can just sink into your little car space, and get allll reflective, wistful, and misty-eyed. Delilah was surely missed when I was in L.A. but now, I can tune in nightly, and she's there with her lonely listeners and dated top 40 hits, that speak to the soul. "Were taking dedications tonight...:Stacy has been single for 12 years and she is so, so, so, lonely. Bill would like to dedicate a song to his son in California, Mary would like to dedicate to her husband Tim, you've been through some rough times but you're always there to hold them together, and Jennifer would like to dedicate a song to her best friend in Kansas who she misses so much....Here's a song for you guys"

Hm. One of these things is not like the other.......So, everybody has someone to dedicate something to except for she dedicating a song to her loneliness? I almost wanted to call in and dedicate a song to Stacy myself, party foul Delilah you could have put her in a seperate group, now she probably feels even more lonely, smooth move.
Anyways- I'm on the hunt. It's appropriately named- Operation Job Hunt- Starring the unemployed huntress C-dog The Unemployable. Apparently, I have done something devastatingly wrong in terms of job hunting- I dont know maybe I look a little desperate-ish...."Please, I really do want to slug coffee to feinds and addicted teenagers, would you like a scone with that? " or "Please, I'd love to fold clothes for an insurmountable 20 hours, and practice my volture techniques on innocent Christmas shoppers. Really, please." Or, "Please, let me take you to your table, I reaaally want to take you to your table.Damnit."
This desperation must be in my eyes (I have been told I have big eyes. Big expressive eyes to be exact), cause I'm cool as a cucumber in interviews. Coooool, coool, just like LL. Smooth even. Charming. But yet,unemployed. I can fairly say I've hit up every retail store, salon, hostess opening, even my ex-boyfriend's place of work, because i'm a masochist and would like to be reminded that he's moved on and i've moved backwards, into his place of employment. Ok, so i've never worked retail- "You need experience." Ok, and how do you expect me to get experience if you will not hire me?.....Come on. I've worked plenty of jobs with more pressing issues than this months, "winter colors." Then of course, I've sent a long resume's for jobs, which may be a bit lofty, but only lack of experience would say so, I would be overly competent, and exceptional if offered a position.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel...there's a light at the end of the tunnnelll........and the light looks something like: The Gap?


Anonymous said...

I would like to dedicate anything from the JUNIOR BOYS. enjoy!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain... I am also currently looking for a job in retail but i don't have enough experience and I'm older than 14, both of which work to my disadvantage!

Green said...

Finding a new job is so hard. Think about it this way - they will be LUCKY to get you. Not, you need a job badly, but they need you badly and just don't know it yet.

I'll leave you with the fact that my friend once said while interviewing for a job as a bartender that she "really loves beverages." :)