Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Chelsea-land has officially been flipped on it's ass, and things are not good.
The world of happy little munchkins, and fairy godmothers, in bubblegum pink bubbles, granting wishes and her little dog too, have had a big mother f*cking house dropped on them.

- Series of events going something like this:

-Roomate leaves you. roomate is your friend, your homie, your road dawg. and now not only have you lost a friend, but you've lost have of their rent. And my bank account is cursing me for that.

- Cant find new roomate

-Search craigslist - "rooms wanted"....this is incredibly disappointing, and somewhat scary- it amazing how many "raw foodist" there are out there...who only want to live with other "raw foodist" there some veggie cult somewhere? and they must all live under the same roof. Or the smell of "COOKED" food is too much to handle?

-Oh, did i not mention, i'm jobless?? so....resumes sent= 500. 500??!!! Thats insanity. Pure straight jacket craziness.

-The decision to move back to Colorado is made. For my own health, future, lack of options. etc.

-The crippling defeat wraps its dark little claws around me. And shakes me like a baby.

-Crying like a baby begins- actually more like, Halle Berry sobbing, on the floor, followed by dry heaving, and wails of "WHAT AM GOING TO DOOOOO????" I'm not sure why the authorities weren't called during this episode.

- Ex-boyfriend tells you "he doesnt love you anymore." Wow. A seared heart covered in salt- that's how mine feels.

-Episode "Halle Berry Sob- part two" BEGINS. AND CONTINUES. and leads me to completely irrational behavior....which involve pizza, unecessary spending, and erratic driving.

-Generic-Jane-Replacement-Chick- has swooped up and stolen your one and only, ever, love. and if basking in what should be yours. And it's good i'm miles and miles away. I'd fucking glue her locks. Best advice a teach ever gave me: Super Glue.

-Audition for very important show occurs- Chelsea is cut. AGAIN. and again.

- Episode "Halle Berry Sob part three" repeat.

Everything I see or hear, or smell reminds has some attachment to this person, my experience, my failures. EVERYTHING. So now the rewiring must being. Have you ever rewired a brain? It a tedious f*cking task.

I have on the other hand, found joy in Skittles, winning POKER. over and over again, and I love to friends hate that about me, theyre just bitter I'm a better poker player ;) And the CD A Fine Frenzy---Good shit.
So, i'll be driving back Tuesday morning, the proceeding blogs have to get better right? Only up from here. "Everything happens for a reason"....if someone says this to me one more time i'm throwing sharp darts in their direction. That's just a warning.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chelsea,

Let me just say that if I could snap my fingers and make things better for you I so would!

I just started reading a book today and reading this post I just kept thinking, "Chelsea needs to read this book." I think maybe you need to read the book.

You know how sometimes you come across a book and it talks to you right where you are at the moment? I think this one might talk to you. Try it, let me know what you think:
Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Thinking all kinds of good things in your direction.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Ah Megan, we are so in tune....I have read Eat Pray Love, and I just wrote a blog about an interview I saw with Elizabeth Gilbert, that I'll post later this week....

That book had a profound affect on me (I swear she channeled me while writing pieces of it, thats how much I related) and i'm planning on reading it again...

there are a few things Im considering doing that are somewhat inspired by that book (also another blog to come)....

I really appreciate you comment, that book has been on my mind and you are the universe telling me to look back and remember the feeling it gave me. :) thank you...I hope you keep reading, and that my blogs become lighter :)

thestraightpoop said...

I hope things are better - I only caught this post now and I am hoping and assuming that all is better in the land of Chelsea? I did, though, want to point you in the direction of my favourite new GIRL POWER blog, There is bound to be more than one thing you can take away from that site on your journey to healing. I wish you the best of luck and send a hug.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

ahh thank you- I love checking out strong women, I will definitely look at her site. As far things- they are gettings better, we all just have our days...ya know...or months. hahah. But every moment is another moment to change all that :) Thank you for the support, Hugs back.