Monday, October 1, 2007

Start your day off with pie.

I'm really a "theme" based person. Like for instance- If I decide to have movie's going to be full out, not one movie, not two, but a solid FIVE of spectacular choices, accompanied but a bucket of popcorn, none of that bag shit, junior mints, and my best pajamas. That is, if my movie night is a solitary one.

If we're playing poker- (which I also did last night) its going to be a bit boozy, Barcardi, a smoke filled room (smoke from what is entirely up to you, cigars, cigarettes, MaryJ, the heat from you hot body, etc.) and of course only good friends gathered around a table that get to practice their best poker faces. I was having somewhat of a moody day, WHICH ABSOLUTLEY WORKS as a "poker face" ....they think you're not in the game, you have a shitty hand, and BAM.. I got your money. Bitches.

Back to themes- the Holidays generally send me into a talespin of THEMEY-NESS. There are just so many opportunities to celebrate- and everyone knows, I like a party. As a matter of fact, I can't wait until I'm old enough to wear the stupid holiday sweaters without people thinking i'm being kitschy, but see that I am very serious about my- Autumn leave sweater with gold beads around bountiful corn husks and pumpkin patches... Come on, your grandma totally has one.

Christmas cookie parties, Pumpkin patch dates, Pumpkin carving dates, Pumpkin seed toasting with cider rendezvous, Scary movie night, Snowman making playdates, EGGNOG. Did I not mention alcohol is generally involved in some form- spiking holiday drinks is accepted at my parties. The list of party prospects is never ending really....(I can't say 'neverending' without thinking of the movie- NeverEnding Story...maybe i'll have aparty and celebrate how that movie gave me an imagination.)

Today's theme is- Pumpkin Pie for breakfast. I didn't want a bagel, or boring protein bar, and the coffee shop I was at had a glorious looking piece of pie staring at me. After I bought the pie- at 8 AM, it set off the line behind me in fits of joy, laughter, chatty conversation regarding why I was the most awesome person alive for eating pie for breakfast and affirmative support in my choice. So. Eat pie for breakfast.

Its fall, happy Oct..... Theme time baby.

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Anonymous said...

omg, so i just found your blog yesterday (the post on why sex is poetic) and i loved it, so i decided to read every single post (i have no life, i know) and this one just made my shitty day so much better! i was cracking up when you wrote "...they think you're not in the game, you have a shitty hand, and BAM...i got your money. Bitches." best line ever.
and i agree, pie for breakfast is beautiful. i will quote pulp fiction: "Any time is a good time for pie."
~Love, Zabrena :)