Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Emoting through Myspace

Oh Myspace, now serve as the perfect platform- or bullhorn-emotional podium- for people to passive aggressively express their feelings. Just another step down the slow (yet rapidly increasing) decline of social communication.
There truly is a surplus amount of way's to express your feelings through the catchy world of yourspace; Songs, pictures, surveys, about me's, friend placement interests, backgrounds, etc.
The song's are what really grab my attention. Apparently 70% of American women feel "Bubbly" which, I find interesting, I wonder if Colbie Caillat knew that everyone felt Bubbly...I don't think I myself have ever said- "You know what, I feel kind of bubbly started in my toes...and now i'm crinkling my nose..ya know?"

For those of us who aren't feeling bubbles, there are numerous way's to let everyone know what's going on in your space. Emotions can best be expressed through song:
If you're feeling dangerous-vixeny-maybe a bit drunk? or you'd like to appear like you don't give a sh*t, and you dont have a WIDE musical library your profile song is: Anything Amy Winehouse- she said it best "You know I'm no good." Gr.

I find it especially therapuetic when heartbroken-angry-or recently broken up to pick songs directly related to the tumultuous sitautaion. Even better if the song speaks in first person.If it's an "angry love song" by- Rhianna, Britney, Jessica Simpson, Fergie, Ciara, or J. Lo- I dont believe you. Kelly Clarkson get's a free pass, she seem's pretty pissed off. In general its better to go with a band, or an artist who's probably been on a Greys Anatomy episode. Please avoid Evanescense you don't want people to put you on suicide watch.

If you're feeling, A. super cheesy B. super in Love or C. super cheesy? did I say that? You'll most likely have Michael Buble on your page.

The profile song mustn't be underrated, it is the core of your inner most thoughts....ha. or it's at least your current situtation and hey, we like to keep people updated. Be wary of those who from a Jack Johnson to Seether in a few days, and think twice before you get jump on that rollercoaster...

Now let's talk a bit about the myspace photo. It's basically your front cover...and you'd be surprised how many people judge by the front cover. It's all marketing people. So now, there's a whole sea of tricksters who have "that-one-good-photo" and decide, I'd like to be represented "like this!", and you're like woa man, I didn't accept you cause that picture didn't even look like you!
Then there's all those people with a Mac who like to be "artsy" with the four frame Andy Warhol picture- awesome. And overdone.
Don't forget the famous self taken photo where one tries to appear pensive and in contemplative thought- but really they've been self-taking brooding photos for 30 minutes attempting to find the one that speaks-Lost in thought. I'm so deep. Add me.

Myspace is all about how you WANT people to perceive you. You pick the background according to what speaks your personality, the picture directly represents how you'd like people to perceive your life- fun, playful, interesting, social, etc...All of the people with group photos and shots in hands, message conveyed: you social butterfly.

It's brilliant in the way that it's "yourspace" to express all and show people what you represent. Who you are. It's also perfect for stalking old friends, ex's, etc., informing everyone what you ate for breakfast over time consuming surveys-like we care, and ranking who's occupying your number one spot in your life (p.s. I WOULD take serious offense if my best friend took me out of that position. That Top friends shit is no joke.) and letting everyone in on your little world of you.

So sing out profile! say what we're dying to say! and remember, you should never underestimate the power of what your Myspace represents.

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