Monday, January 28, 2008

The Big Apple Series

1. New York City makes me come face-to-face with my extreme debilitating case of "indecision" if I do NOT- DECIDE, I end up walking 90 blocks contemplating: Chai tea? or a smoothie?? I've done this before. Needless to say, my feet and hips cursed me the next day.

2. My favorite thing to do is stand on the edge of the curb in front of a tall building and REACH AS HIGH AS I POSSIBLY CAN. It reminds me how small I am against the structure of the city, but also reminds me of how powerful I feel.

3. I'm a "cafe crawler" and NYC is the BEST place for crawling.

4. I would love to do this- and become a hot dog eating CHAMP.

5. I have to harness my nerves before entering a subway, using mind tricks and silence. Subways scare the ever loving shit out of me. I realize this may be an issue- hence walking 90 BLOCKS.

6. The section of the city that's named after me- happens to be one of my favorites.

7. Cheap fruit on every street corner, to me, is the equivalent of free porn for eternity to sex addicts.

8. I never feel guilty eating pizza at 3am in NYC.

9. Central Park is the "Secret Garden" I always wished I had as a kid.

10. THE HISTORY- makes me salivate.

11. Walking down the street in heels imagining Carrie Bradshaw makes my Steve Madden heels feel like Manolo's.

12. Pedicures are far more deserving when you live in NYC. Feet don't get nearly enough lovin'.

13. Terra Blues & The Bitter End are a musicians dream.

14. I'd like to go to Trapeze school on a date. I find it BEST to break the ice by looking like an idiot from the beginning. THEN, depending on how he/she deals with "embarrassment", "discomfort", and possible life threatening situation- you can determine if there should be a date #2.

15. Rockefeller Center inspires me to kick my face like a Rockette.

16. The opportunity to literally "bump" into someone that you may fall in love with happens every time you walk down the street. Feel free to comment on this cheese ball sentiment, I won't be mad.

17. I love walking fast, no I NEED to walk fast and so do New Yorkers.

18. I could order take-out every. night. Any chance I can take to stay in my jamis while eating
naan or falafel instead of pizza, I cherish.


20.McSorleys- gotta love a pub where you could be drinking next to the ghost of Abe Lincoln and where your drink options are, "Light 'er dark?"

21. I happen to be a fan of "the parade" and NYC have made parades an art form.

22. I am not, however a huge fan of "The Donald" more a fan of "The Rosie"

23. The likeliness of me getting a DUI is decreased drastically. Hallelujah. And don't take this as an endorsement for drunk driving, calm down.

24. I could be a professional dog walker. A pro- with a nice ass and a strong grip. It's always an option.

25. I don't feel snobby saying, "Bloomies" and the idea of pearls are more reasonable in NYC, not as wasp-y. Though, I still never plan on wearing them.

26. Broadway is a reminder that there IS still true talent, despite the over saturated market of bad talent that has taken of the airwaves. Broadway performers are the best, of the best.

27. The word "socialite" doesn't carry the same negative connotation as it does in L.A. but rather, an old money- "My ancestors founded Harvard and I'm busy saving Nepal and funding the research to cure Alzheimer's" connotation.

28. Hummus Place, an entire restaurant dedicated to a tiny chickpea. This is brilliance at it's finest.

29. Manhattan reminds you of the meaning of community. A word that is slowly disappearing.

30. If I were to burst into a rendition of "Don't rain on my parade"- Barbara Streisand style, in the middle of a sidewalk- no one would mind. I may try this and let you know. I have now mentioned parades twice (#21) what's that all about?

31. Subway entertainers? Who doesn't love a free show that involves acrobatics.

32. Galleries, comedy clubs, cabaret's (Insert Liza impression here), plays, live music, - If I ever, ever, mention boredom on here ever again- remind me to reference the plethora of events I could be attending.

33. My dating pool is totally gonna grow. After I drop the word totally and lose my bronzer. Bronzer is a west coast accessory.

Anything you'd like to add about my new home?


Princess Pointful said...

My head swims with all that is NYC, though I've never been. It just seems like such an utter enigma to me!

Princess Pointful said...
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alana said...

i seriously cannot tell you how much i loved this post... all the reasons i dream of living in nyc, and more...

Exposed said...

Yep- the envy of my friends when I mentioned it on my last trip home...I have my LAUNDRY delivered. Picked up, taken away, and brought back folded and smelling fresh.

Plus, although I curse my walk-up apartment, it is like a mini-Stair Master every time I come and go. Forced exercise is great for those with little willpower.

Alexis said...

So you just reminded me of all the reasons I REALLY want to go there, I've never gotten to go! Your descriptions are beautiful. :)

Um, and how sad am I that I won't ever get to see Rent on Broadway? I've seen it, just not THERE.

Anonymous said...

In response to number 14, one of my students this past fall decided to do her final paper/project on trapeze in the theatre. Since I am just an assistant I don't really know how it turned out but my boss brings it up any chance she gets :)

Jamie Lovely said...

I've never been there. Can I come visit and we can do all of your favorite things?

Anonymous said...

I love the way you romanticize New York! You've totally sold it! I'm dying to go check it out meself ;)

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

NYC can match any mood you are experiencing. Feeling a bit hippy, head down to SOHO. Trendy, the village. Classic, midtown.

Anonymous said...


I want to go there.

Like right this second.

Nilsa S. said...

Your post is fabulous! My brother lives in NYC, so I have been a frequent visitor over the years. There is a vibrancy to that city like no other. You're gonna love it and I hope I get to read your list as it grows!

Camels & Chocolate said...

Hahaha, you're so cute. Welcome to life as a New Yorker!

-I eat take-out twice a day - at least. And the other meal, I groan about having to "make myself," and by make myself, I mean pick up at Starbucks.
-You know what else is OK to eat at 3am? BAGELS. YUM. If you haven't already, put both H&H and Esse Bagels on your list.
-I still hate the subway, after two years of living here. I take it maybe five times a month. The only good thing is it gives me time to catch up on my reading.
-I went to trapeze school in the Dominican Republic last month. It. Was. AWESOME.
-McSorley's rocks.
-Socialites still suck. I cover a lot of "socialite events" for InStyle, and they act like Paris Hilton - only more entitled - when WTF, has anyone ever ever heard of them if their name isn't Rockefeller or Vanderbilt?!?!

Have fun! Live it up! And I'm a little upset that you didn't mention my favorite facet of NYC...CUPCAKES!!!

And I second what Exposed said, I never thought I'd be "that New Yorker" who has someone do her laundry, but oh I totally am.
-Pearls are still not OK -- unless you're going to Greenwich, CT for the day. That's where the real WASPs live.

Jess said...

I am not that big a fan of New York, but this post made me like it.

JulieGong said...

I've been twice but never had a full on experience. All I remember is it smelling like pee but this list (I heart lists) makes me want to give it another try...

Andréa said...

I am oh so jealous of your new home. I have always wanted to live in the city, but I just can't leave the comforts of a big ole house in Texas. Maybe when I am old, I will move there and tell eveyrone I am socialite :D

j said...

This is so exciting this is so exciting this is so exciting!!


Lacey Bean said...

I LOVE McSorelys!!! Best beer ever.

Tons and tons of comedy shows, frequent pub crawls, and street vendors where you can get awesome accessories for cheap!!

Stephanie said...

Ooh, you made NYC sound so glamorous and exciting. When I think of living here, I think of noise and dirt and bad odors. BUT, there are good things, like there is ALWAYS a pizza place open no matter the time, someone else will pick up, wash, fold and deliver your laundry, and you stay in decent shape without exercising because of all the walking!

Anonymous said...

I love NYC - I lived there for a semester in college and thought I would move back the second I graduated. Alas, I did not, and now I think I will never move there. But your post makes me think otherwise :)

Brunhilda said...

Bronzer is totally a west coast thing, but I love it. Love it!

If I ever move to NY I'll just be the perpetually-tanned-and-glowy girl who refuses to submit to the black-and-pearls mentality favored by Easterners.

Anonymous said...

I have always always wanted to visit NYC. I hope to do so this year. I've never been, and I'm amazed by the history of it myself. When I was just starting college, I dreamed of working in advertising and moving to NYC. That never happened, but your list is totally making me want to move there!

A Margarita said...

Love this post! I have a special affection for Chelsea too.

"16. The opportunity to literally "bump" into someone that you may fall in love with happens every time you walk down the street."

I can't tell you the number of times I want to go up to someone and be like, "I think you're beautiful, let's get to know each other."

Your dating pool is definitely going to grow.

readsalot said...

I'm so jealous! I've never been to NYC and I'm dying to go!

B said...

I absolutely agree with number 14 and I happen to love that you're only 4 hours away. I miss NY, it's been a WHILE.

Moll said...

I am so glad you are moving here! BUST rocks and so does NYC. Sometimes I need to be reminded though and your list def helped with that.

Are you going to need to work in addition to your internship? As for housing, obviously CL is your best friend. I'd say the East Village is the most affordable fun part of Manhattan but it is still not very affordable. If you read my blog, you know I live in Brooklyn now and LOVE it! You can get to lower manhattan faster than I used to be able to from uptown. Let me know if I can be of more specific help to you! How long are you going to be here?

AP said...

ahhhh I wanna go to NYC now. and i mean NOW. I need a vacation. and your lovely list sounds amazing :)

Jessie Cacciola said...

such a great post, but now I'm in a NY state of mind with no way to get there -- im stuck in school upstate AHHH, dammit chelsea you're making me homesick! =)
- Jessie -

Anonymous said...

these are pretty much all reasons why i know i belong in new york.

i have begun leaving your page up at work to listen to your music - we have *such* similar tastes. i love it! and yes, i'm bouncing around in my chair and singing along because hell, life is not meant to be taken too seriously, even in a professional setting.

L Sass said...

You must check out Verlaine... my favorite LES spot for $4 sangria and lychee martinis UNTIL 10 PM!

Best "happy hour" ever.

Chele said...

I am so jealous" I have never been to NY, but I promised myself I would go this year. LA been a bunch of times but NY sounds so fantastic, fun and the perfect city to really really live and dress as obscure as you want and it would be fashionable.
When I do go I am gonna live it all out, you better take me out for margaritas girl ;) we can get into all sorts of trouble.
Again congratulations!

Anonymous said...

You nailed all the reasons I LOVE NYC and why I want to move back so badly! Another of my favorite NYC things is how they can just shut down Time Square anytime they want and have a live free show, or taping of a commercial, or movie or whatever and nobody bitches about it. They just go around. And you get a few show out of it. This may come speak to your love of love of parades. Also the outdoor movies in Bryant Park starting at the end of May. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. Ohmigod and Fashion Week in Bryant Park! Best week of the year. Parties with hot people all over the place. The trapeze at Chelsea Pier. Gotta do that! Whatever you do have a blast!

Ashley said...

Don't forget Magnolias for amazing cupcakes, Tal Bagels for excellent bagels, allllll the museums, and when you get here you have to go to the barking dog. They have one right near my apartment and i am obsessed with their food. And the fact that their shirts say Sit! Stay!

Oh and when I had to do my laundry outside of the apartment the BEST BY FAR was having it sent out--they washed, dried, and then folded it and then delivered it right back to me. AWESOME.

There is always always something to do here, thats whats so awesome about NYC.

So@24 said...

It's been awhile since I've been to that world. Your list has that feeling stirring inside me again.

My favorite part: The history! Yes! Finally someone else who appreciates the history of NY as WELL as guilt free pizza gnoshing at 3 AM

marisa rose said...

I love my city. Welcome.

Joe White said...

I had to choose San Francisco over New York to hit up next weekend, but I'm still hoping to make it out this summer. Good luck with your internship.

JUST ME said...

I still wear bronzer here, so you're good when it comes to that.

You CAN order in in your PJ's every single night. And I basically do that.

You may bump into your husband on the street, but you may also bump into a lunatic who punches you in the face because you touched him.

I'll help you with the subways. it's a cinch after a month.

I still can't wear heels in this damn city. No matter how many S&TC eps I watch.

The East Village is full of hummus. Like overflowing. Overflowing with hummus.

Can't wait till ya get here.

Katelin said...

I think you should add that it's okay to break into random song in NYC, haha. And you'll be able to see the Naked Cowboy more often.

nicole antoinette said...

This post made me miss NYC so much, and I've only been gone for like TWO WEEKS. But ah! McSorley's! Did I live there in college? Pretty much.

Another one of my favorite things is to go running down in the financial district, on the esplanade by the water. There are great views of the Statue of Liberty and Jersey and Ellis Island.

Lisa said...

This post is making me want to move to New York more and more. I can't wait to read about your NY exploits and adventures! Take pictures for me. :)

m said...

umm, are you stealing my blog? jk.

there are a million and a half things to love about new york, i am so excited you get to experience them now.

also, i once danced my way home when sinatra's "new york, new york" came on my ipod. jazz hands and all. and no one looked at me funny. so go ahead!

each of the two said...

Congrats on the move, ergo the job!

My best friend works at that trapeze place, she's gotten quite good. took me once, very hard, very exhilerating, is a definate must do!

brandy said...

There's so much to say here, but can I just say... I love you for writing the second point? I love that one.

Banana said...

You can walk almost anywhere and get almost anything at almost anytime.

Also, In the middle of the city you can hardly see the sky.

Congrats on the new job and new home!

Katherine said...

you've made me jealous...and excited about the possibility of living in a city next year!

Vanessa said...

The trapeze school is awesome! Don't worry so much about the subways, they are just dirty so always take your shoes off before coming into your own house. When I lived there, I loved it that I couldn't get a DUI since I didn't have a car. Not that I drink and drive now, I just stay home more.

Le Petit Chic said...

Oh my gosh, you are living my dream. I always wanted to live in NYC after college and came so close to just taking a leap of faith and moving up there to find a job. Sadly, I did not. Also, I love the Nathan's Hot Dog contest too :)

PrincessPolly said...

i don't know anything about nyc, I've never left europe. my sis is going over on hols next week though. re: number two though, I don't actually like tall buildings (partly due to 9/11 partly just in general) and therefore would not like to prove how small 5'3" me is in comparison to tall buildings! LOVE the sound of trapeze school though, given my circus workshop past!

PrincessPolly said...

i don't know anything about nyc, I've never left europe. my sis is going over on hols next week though. re: number two though, I don't actually like tall buildings (partly due to 9/11 partly just in general) and therefore would not like to prove how small 5'3" me is in comparison to tall buildings! LOVE the sound of trapeze school though, given my circus workshop past!

Meesh-elle my Belle said...

oh my goodness i cried reading your list - it's so vivid and SPOT ON. I just found you but now I love you and feel the need to read you at every turn just so i can live through you vicariously.

and you must walk the brooklyn bridge if you haven't yet. but wait until the weather turns nice. oh - that's another reason to love nyc. spring fever is rampant there. it's like a drug. and go to chumley's in the west'll have to find it but it's so much fun once you're inside. oh there's so much.

have the best time EVER!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've only been twice but have been in love with New York since childhood. (We were snowed in on the second trip and had to stay an extra 3 days - I was so thrilled! We found one crazy cabbie willing to drive us to the Natural History Museum. I thought we were gonna die and loved every minute of it!)

Anonymous said...

Tag - make a list of seven things that make you weird (in a wonderful kind of way) then tag 7 others to do the same! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

i effing love McSorley's. Boyfriend took me there it was awesome :)

Also...Katz Deli where sally faked her orgasm - their subs are DEEELICIOUS!

Andrea said...

I would like to add that I'm totally jealous, and I hope have you have a fantastic time!

Unknown said...

For some more NYC spots to visit and see, check out my blog from March 2007 or just click on the label New York. I did a post for each day I was there.

A Lil' Irish Lass said...

Welcome to NYC, Chelsea!

(And thanks for reminding me of several of the reasons I love living here so much!)

Kat said...

almost all the things you mentioned are wonderful and true (and make me miss living there)... except for, well, your dating pool isn't so likely to grow. lots of good looking and completely unavailable guys. however, not to be all doom and gloom- a good one does come along every once in awhile. good luck!

jiji said...

love hummus place. and love cafe mogador next door even more. welcome to nyc!

Robbie said...

I have to say NY is the BESTEST place I have never been.

A friend recently went away and came back with some awsomest photos of her time there. I was so jealous.

JanelleGrace said...

I have a love-hate relationship with New York. I live in Brooklyn, I am from Seattle. Yesterday, I was hating it and today I am loving it.

5. I nearly had a panic attack when the L train was stopped between Brooklyn and Manhattan for nearly 20 minutes.

9. I love the Boat Lake. (I have no clue of its real name, I always see it but it just doesn't stick.)

You seem pretty nifty.