Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Call me controversial...

Did someone say, "Stir the pot?"

Oh, me? Sure thing, I'd fucking love to. Hand me the spoon.

I got a little bit of flak for my last post in regards to religious stereotypes. Excuse me while I address that;
I don't ever write something with the intention of being offensive and hurtful. I'm not a mean person, I don't bash the less fortunate, or call people ugly cause it makes me feel better, I don't lie, or cheat. I don't wish ill upon enemies, if I even have any and I don't get off on being malicious.
I write based on MY opinion, after all, this; Is MY blog. And yes, Denmark sounds lovely- but the sound of my speech flowing freely sounds astronomical.
And if you don't like it, don't read it.

If we were always worried about offending someone, bloggers wouldn't exist. I can think of a significant amount of people who would prefer to not hear about our; "sexcapades", drunken blabber, Boss bashing, ranting, rag ranting, kid gushing, puppy gushing, boyfriend gushing, and so. on.
HOWEVER, we continue to write about it because there are ENOUGH people that actually do care to know when your Maltese gets his first photo taken, or which presidential candidate you feel best fits the job. You know what, there's also a reason more than one ice cream flavor exists....

Cause fuck, not everyone enjoys vanilla.

Lets see....what else wouldn't exist if we weren't willing to speak up and be a bit scandalicious;
Music is a good place to start. Remember this guy? The one who so devilishly thrust his pelvis is our mothers/grandmothers faces?

Wouldn't erase his history if given the chance.

How about this woman...You know, threatening to "Take over the world" after her first television performance. She's made videos that have been banned and grinded in leotards all over the world. Now, if you're going to tell me you'd prefer, "Like a Virgin" or "Open your heart" didn't exist. I'll call you a liar.

Oh, and "the south" and is pretty pissed at these "chicks"

The Beatles- People were up in arms, burning and BOYCOTTING when they compared themselves to be "More popular than God" Something tells me rosary gripping folks were a little bit more than "angry" at that statement. Even if it were true among their listeners.

Now TV-
Think this show went over BIG in Utah? Probably not.
How about this guy-
And these guys.
Wait, you know what. Lets just forget pop culture; pop culture wouldn't be a culture if we were worried about being offensive. You think TMZ would be so popular? I think not. AND I know so many righteous people lick up every bit of dirt that they so proudly post on their website and now TV SHOW.

Who else:
Pretty bold move.....don't rock that boat too much...
....Manet, wasn't too concerned about shaky boats, for sake of good art.

And while some may be riding atop their high horses- who doesn't love The Girls Next Door? I won't even ask what MAN doesn't enjoy Playboy.
Now tell Hugh in 1953 to "refrain" from putting a voluptuous Marilyn Monroe on his first cover of Playboy ( a cover that is now an enterprise) in order to not "upset the people" and tell me what he would say?


Anonymous said...

Who dares to give you flack for talking smack! Keep talking smack and say what the *bleep* you wanna say when the *bleep* you wanna say it. Do your thing! Thanks for this post.

Jess said...

I love that you write what you're thinking on your blog, your space, without worrying about what it will do to your readership. I know of so many bloggers who refuse to talk about certain topics, like politics, because they don't want to rock the boat and lose readers. I find that depressing. I'm not saying that people SHOULD talk about controversial stuff on their blogs--but if they want to, I think it's awful that they censor themselves so as to retain every last reader.

Britt said...

Keep it up sistah! You're smart and can defend your opinions, so why should you not bring important issues up!


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

1218- Thank you for the support! ;)

Jess- Thanks I really appreciate that. I wouldn't be ME if I censored my blog. I can't try to appease everyone, or people would get really sick of hearing about my sad love life and my adorable little sister. THOUGH those are FINE and wonderful at times. I am a political person, a passionate person, a person with opinions, and a sharp tongue sometimes. AND that in order for you to read ME that must be refelected. I think I'll have more readers that way. By being myself.

boXer girl said...

Halleluja sister! The intention of 'the blog' is to unleash one's hundred's of theories on life - isn't it? Call me crazy, but I enjoy unleashing my "thoughts" into the world wide web-of-life. Maybe one day I'll have something important to say. Or maybe I won't...

B said...

I <3 those 3 Playboy chicks. Especially Kendra. HA.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Never censor yourself b/c other people want to bitch and moan about what you write on YOUR blog.

That being said, last week I tried to write a post and didn't post it b/c a)it was incoherent babble and b)people might not like it. After the slew of supportive comments I got telling me to just post it, I did. It felt great to get what I was feeling off my chest. And if people don't want to read me anymore b/c of what I think, then they're narrow minded and I shouldn't be vying for their readership anyways!

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!!

(And I love The Girls Next door--major guilty pleasure!)

Maxie said...

Oh, what I do without Stephen Colbert. I think I'd be a very sad, sad person.

Virginia said...

Hear hear! As Mark Darcy says to Bridget Jones, I love your blog "just the way it is." So keep on writing whatever it is you want to write, and if people don't like it, they don't have to read it.

Anonymous said...

That was great!
What a boring society we would live in if everyone kept their opinions to themselves just so they wouldn't offend people. Different opinions make the free speech in our country so great. You can learn a lot more from someone who has a different opinion than you. Tell those flack-givers to shove it

Vanessa said...

We love you just the way you are, don't change a thing!

Rachel said...

I think the only appropriate response to this post is, "Oh snap!"

Renee said...

Can I get an AMEN?! I must admit, I was ALMOST offended by the Catholic comment... then I realized, even though I live in Catholic DisneyLand (oh hey, Notre Dame, Indiana!) I totally agree with you. What the fuck? Why do Catholics have to procreate so damn much?!

To more bitchin', booze, and birth control, may you continue to toe the line!

Katherine said...

your opinions are why I keep coming back. :)

Princess Pointful said...

It always freaks me out that people come to a blog to read, to be challenged-- and then freak out if opinions differ. Isn't the point of writing to think, and learn to express & defend your opinion without getting ugly about it?

ruby said...

how hot is jon stewart though, srsly. or is that just me? what? were we talking about something else?

nicole antoinette said...

Sometimes I'm an asshole too. And my asshole loves your asshole. Wait.. no... that sounds... damn it.

Oh, and a thousand times yes: "Cause fuck, not everyone enjoys vanilla."

ANA said...

Honestly without controversies and a difference of opinion, this world would be one hell of a boring place...I guess what I am trying to say is that there are a lot of self righteous people out there, If you try to fit in, chances are you will end up losing yourself. Do whatever you want to do,
Like I always say on my blog, I'm the law around here...Like it or not....

Hope said...

What Jess said.

I think you're great.

The Dutchess of Kickball said...

Amen sister!

Anonymous said...

*golf clap*

Anonymous said...

Uh, what exactly did they expect to get from a blog titled "Chelsea Talks Smack"?! Haha!

Moll said...

great post. Vanilla is boring and doesn't even taste very good!

Alexis said...

I like vanilla...but then again ice cream isn't something I actually care for too much. (What? gasp!).

Anyway, I may not always agree with you but I adore your blog and your willingness to put those opinions out there. What would we talk about if our opinions didn't differ on somethings? Conversations would be dull.

Plus, you write about it all so damn well it makes me laugh even on the occasion I don't agree...


Chele said...

totally agree with every statement, isnt the point of having out blogs so we can choose what we wrote about, freedom of speach and opinion. You keep doing yor thing, and as a scandinavian...the reason denmlar is happy is because all they do is drink beer all day...seriously.

stacy said...

Please, state your opinion...that's why I'm here.

So@24 said...

This post is a MUST read for any blogger.

I always find it funny when people get riled up about what you say on your OWN blog.

"It's my fucking blog, assholes. I write what I want."

No one appreciates you saying it like is more than I.

Blog on, sista!

Anonymous said...


i'm falling into all kinds of smitten for you. you are kickass.

first of all, this is pretty much the most amazing quote. one that all us bloggers who REALLY try to be honest need to emblazon on their headers: "And yes, Denmark sounds lovely- but the sound of my speech flowing freely sounds astronomical."

i want us to be real-life friends. like immediately.

Anonymous said...

you effing rocked my world with that post.

Dolce said...

I'm inspired, honestly!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Boxer Girl- Everything, everyone says is important.

Deutlich- Me toooo. love, love.

Lspoon- exactly, there will be enough people who DO want to read what you have to say.

Angela- Doesn't everyone?

Maxie- Indeed.

Virginia- Aw, Mark Darcy and I should date.

anonymous- I completely agree with you, believe it or not, I LOVE to read people with differing opinions, it makes me more informed AND strong in what I believe.

Vanessa- Thank you!!!!

Rachel- I love that you said, "Oh Snap!"

Renee- Toe the line I shall!! and BTW to all the readers...I was baptized Catholic. So. calm down.

Katherine- Oh good! hahah, now I feel even more pressure to write something great everytime. lol.

Princess Pointful- YES, it is, writing is supposed to stir the mind...make you think.

Ruby- So hot.

Nicoleantoinette- Our assholes can totally love eachother, I know what you mean. :) haha.

Ana- true, and so many people are willing to lose themselves to be "liked"

Hope- thank you :) you are too.

Dutchess of kickball- Your name is rad.

Raven- haha.

chasingparadise- RIGHT?!

Rebecca- IT IS BORING.

Alexis- I sued to HATE icecream.....and then I got hoeartbroken, and it became my new boyfriend.
and thank you, I love people who's opinions are different than mine. One of my best friends who I lived with was....Republican...and yes it make be a shocker but I'm seriously liberal, and my favorite thing to with her was to debate topics, and she is STILL one of my very best friends. and I value every word she says.

Chele- I'm all about beer.

Stacy- thank you, and I will! :)

so@24- thanks man, I think all bloggers should stick to it whether I personally agree or not.

Damsel- Thanks my lovely! I totally want to be real life friends with you. We need to have a blogger date. You, me, and a couple other favorites I can think of. F Sex and The City, we'd be far more kick ass.

LegallyHeidi- You rock my world for saying effing.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Dolce- thank you!!! xo.

Jessie Cacciola said...

you say what many ppl are thinking, and that's why you have 30+ comments on all your posts. This gives a forum to discuss topics of many ppl's concerns. It's not even national tv, it's a blog -- and like you said, no one is forcing ppl to read it. It's well-written, honest, and with just the right amount of humor...and it's great that you addressed the opposition with maturity.
Keep doing what you do!
- Jessie -

Camels & Chocolate said...

Amen, sista. I hate nothing more than having to self-censor ON MY OWN BLOG.

Back in November, I posted about my friend's wedding which I was in. Anyone who knows me (and she's known me for 12 years) knows that I am particularly snarky. Well, believe you me, these kids and their weddings - they do NOT take anything lightheartedly! I said nothing about her besides how nice of a wedding it is, how great it was to see her, but joked about how religious her in-laws were, how there was a cash bar and the irony of how they bought their own daughter a "shiny new pair of boobs for her wedding" (all the while, I never knew she even read my blog! This is why lurkers suck!). OOPS. Suffice it to say, I won't make that mistake again as things were rocky with my friends from home and me for months (still kind of are).

My boyfriend sent me the best text not long ago, after he once asked me to clear any photos with him before posting: "random: i don't mind if you use pics of me without prior approval. i shouldn't censor your creativity."

If only everyone could be so understanding.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME post girlie! ;)

Michelle and the City said...

hello - the title of your blog is talking smack! apparently people just don't get it!

Cléa said...

I hear you! If we don't express our opinion, on our blogs, what's the point of having them?

Too much political correctness stifles thought and creativity.

Kateastrophe said...

Sorry you got a lot of crap. Here's my take on it . .. if I can't laugh at the stereotypes of my OWN life and my OWN religion, something is seriously wrong with me. You've probably got some stereotypical traits in you too, and I'm going to bet you laugh at them . . . heartily.

Ironically, my father is Catholic and my mother is Mormon. How we didn't FOUND (find? discover? create?) Wal Mart is BEYond me. And I'm pretty sure the only reason I only have three siblings is the big DI-vorce. I'm sure we would have outdone any Mormon OR Catholic family had we kept going. I mean HELLOOOOOO.

And . . . scene.

Sparkling Red said...

Yeah, all these folks who've commented already pretty much have it covered. It takes guts to be real even when that means some people won't be pleased. I try not to hold back much on my blog because what's the point of writing if I can't write my truth?

Radical Reminders said...

I absolutely LOVE all your examples, especially Stewart/Colbert and the Dixie Chicks, can we just talk about how much the Dixie Chicks rock!? Thanks for vising my blog and keep talking all the smack you want, this is your space afterall, if you can't have a voice here, where can you?
<3 f.g.

molly said...

fantastic response!
i agree 100%
talk your smack! i enjoy it

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Jessie-Thank you! I always say that, "Oh come on....everyone else is THINKING it"

Camels&chocolate- Your Boyfriend is awesome. lol.

Emma- Thank you for the positive reinforcement!

Michelle- EXACTLY!

Kate- hahah exactly- I was baptized Catholic AND most of my mom's family is Catholic, hello, I'm Italian/Irish....COME ON!

bemused- exactly, political correctness makes me feel like i'm choking.

Sparkling Red- Thank you again for reinforcing why I'm right, lol. I agree with you.

Feminist Gal- I LOVE THE DIXIE CHICKS, I say amen to them for speaking up.

heidi said...

nothing wrong with a little vanilla.... as long as it's DROWNING IN CHOCOLATE.
you GO girl!

Unknown said...

What a great day to discover your blog. I'll definately be coming back for the honesty, if not the wit :)Keep pushing the envelope.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Meghan- So glad you discovered me! I hope to see you again ;) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

great post!

Anonymous said...

damn I better comment again. You have the best looking readers too it appears!
Great post and great readers!
I better fave you and check all these pretty ladies out!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Your blog is your space. If people don't like what you say they don't have to read it. To hell with the naysayers.

On an unrelated note I love "Open your heart to me," and now it'll be stuck in my head for a week.

Exposed said...

"You're controversial!"

(Because you asked for it, and it was the one thing nobody else said yet.)

Unknown said...

Keep talking what ever you want dear, if people don't like it then they shouldn't read it.

It's your blog, you have all the rights to write anything you want :)

PrincessPolly said...

Free speech should be exactly what it says, and it bugs me when people think they can slag off what others say on their own blogs. We ARE all entitled to our own opinions, and sometimes I think political correctness has gone insane these days. Like the whole Dixie Chicks thing you kinda touched on - I didn't really know the story of that, but I watched the documentary last week and it made me so angry. Why SHOULDN'T they be ashamed their president is from the state as them? Why SHOULDN'T they voice it? It's not okay for them to say that but it's apparently okay for one of the people so offended by their comment to say someone should attach them to a bomb and drop them over Iraq? Hmmm. Anyway, whether your opinions are ones that others agree with or not, the important thing is you can back them up. If people don't like it, they shouldn't read it, like you said! My opinion is that you rock!!! :)

LoveHateSensation said...

I always go by this

say what you mean and mean what you say! Those who matter don't care and those who care don't matter.

People need to realize, if they dont like what you have to say they dont have to listen (or read in this case haha).

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