Tuesday, January 1, 2008


A new year...the one time where everyone comes together and says, "Let's begin again." Nothing is different today, than yesterday, except for the fact that we ALL are marking a new calender and calling today, NEW. Everyone agrees to a clean slate. New beginnings, revised goals, new expectations and promises....all in one day. It sounds a bit intimidating doesn't it?
New Years resolutions are made and chocolate cake, or 3am bed times are sworn off, indefinitely. AND, what better time to take up vanity than Jan 1st? When everyone is deciding they MUST be svelt, and there is in fact a reason they've been saving their favorite pair of jeans from college, because TODAY, Jan 1st will mark the beginning, of my new, OLD, body. It's all or nothing. And then nothing inveitably makes it's debut, when resolutions have temporary slip-ups. And then we wait again until Jan 1st, to BEGIN AGAIN.
Every year, everyone says, "This, will be MY YEAR!" OR "This year is just going to be BETTER than last year." The problem we're forgetting is that, every day, every single moment....is another chance to START, or to begin, or to declare "THIS IS MY YEAR" or this is my day. Life has it's lulls, it's turns, it's detours...and every year has them. It's allowing yourself to not let those things take away from the power that each person has to go forth, to create, to change....every. single. day. Whether it's Jan 1st, or not. Every day is new, if we could celebrate that I think we'd feel much more empowered.

So this year, I don't have resolutions. I won't berate myself for not losing an extra five pounds, or for not being better at calling people back. Instead, I'd like to appreciate the things that are less fleeting, less superficial, the moments that we are granted everyday that make each NEW YEAR, the best year.
This morning I was drinking water out of the palm of my hands and I had a flash back of when I was little and I'd make my dad cup his hands so I could drink from them when I could barely reach the sink. The water was cooler, it just tasted better. It's a memory I didn't know would stick, but it did. We don't choose our memories, we just have them. And i'd like to have an abundance of memories, from LIVING. Not from stressing, not from disappointment or "failures."

I'd like to create more of the things that make MY life: More moments with my little sister where she kisses my cheek so hard it hurts, laughing more with my girlfriends over steak fries and Blue Moon's, telling my Mom and Dad I love them, driving with the heat turned so high I create a cocoon of warmth and my favorite music, reading without checking the time, writing without checking the time, SINGING without judging, learning....LISTENING. Trying new food (Ethiopian is next for me), dancing without telling myself "I used to be better", looking at the things around me that I've seen for years with a sense of wonder, meditating, breathing- consciously, and trying everything at least once, without fear or self judgment getting in the way.
Those are the things I am striving for. EVERYDAY. So yes, today is NEW.....and so is tomorrow...SO cheers to that.


Keith said...

Tooootally. If you want to change something, why wait until New Year's? And here I thought the one that most people start diets/changing lifestyles/etc. was "tomorrow," not Jan. 1.

Kerstin said...

Well said. There is something very appealing about a clean slate, because sometimes we do need to stop and reflect and take stock. But ultimately change comes from within when we are ready for it, and not when the calendar dictates it.

You have touched on another word I was thinking about choosing for this year: BE. In the moment, in life. Now.