Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Friendship is my favorite type of SHIP

"I just did something REALLY, really embarrassing......"

Now this, is what friends are for. I've been coming off the love-low (much different from a love high. It involves less sex and more of self loathing, I prefer the former) and trying to deal with some of my anxiety over leaving for Europe in 6 DAYS, so after a good evening out with the ladies, I was really excited about this text.....

You know someone is an incredible friend if they're willing to tell you something that they'd rather shave their head before repeating again, especially if it's simply because they know the story will make you laugh so hard you pee your pants in public. Something like this:

"I just slept with (blank), it was great, really great....but then, while he was sleeping, I farted SO loud it woke him up."


God graced me with the privilege of receiving such a text message.

Friends can be a shoulder to cry on, a partner in crime when finishing off three bottles of wine (which Nicole helped me do) or they can give you a little GEM like this one when they know you're in need of cheering up. AND, they don't mind that you blog about them (anonymously of course.) Not to mention, I was allowed to ask her countless questions like; Did the bed rumble? Did it smell? Will he ever have sex with you again? Which yes he did. Did you laugh? Did you cry? etc. A good friend also, gladly answers such mortifying questions.

I've been thinking a lot about friendship lately. My girls, the women that have held my hair, that have defended me, that have let me cry with my head against the steering wheel, slamming my head against like a child as much as I wanted and were there to make sure I didn't drive home without a sufficient gain in confidence and completely dry of tears. The ladies that have been there to remind me of my self worth when I stray.

There are so few, yet so many who have been part of different chapters. There is the core and then there's a little opening for other strong ones to come into that bond.

I just got back from Los Angeles where I visited Nicole Anoinette....she is absolutely one of those people, a core person. As funny as that may seem to the people outside "Blog Land" but as I've gone through my twenties I've seen so many friends grow into entirely different people, people that are virtually strangers, who remain friends simply based off the history we have. Then there are new people (like Nicole), some who know you better that many of your current friends. Anyway we are absolutely soul sisters brought together through the divine workings of the Universe, aka. the internet. And the Universe, I'm a believer in the universe ;)

So this is just a little bit of a tribute to my friends. MY REAL, LOVELY, TRUE, friends. You know who you are :)

Thank you for texting me about your misadventures in your sex life, once I have some horrifying stories of my own I promise I'll share (cross my heart), thank you for making me feel less alone when I'm lonely; for acting as if you share my love for cheese plates (even if you don't), for not getting angry when I screen your calls cause I'm wallowing, for being able to drink me under the table (sometimes), for loving ME when I don't. Thank you for being incredible, beautiful, women. I am honored. Like Emily Dickinson said, no matter where I am....." My friends are my estate."

What do you have thank your friends for?????


A Margarita said...

For telling me when my ass looks fat in that outfit . . . or when I smell, and when I should really just put that martini down and GO HOME ALONE.

Sid said...

F does the same thing. She stores up gossip for a rainy day, for when I'll need cheering up. And when she sees me f*cking up my life she doesn't give me that sad pitying look that everyone else has been giving me. I love that she allows me to make my own mistakes. Some things a person just has to learn for themselves

Larissa said...

Only a true friend will text THAT. It's great that you have some friendships like that!

Anonymous said...

For not being afraid to delve out some REALLY tough love and telling me that I need to move on from "him."
And yet letting me also know that seeing me makes his day.

nicole antoinette said...

I fucking love you. And the Universe for bringing us together.

:cue sappy soul sister love music:

Oh, and hurry up in Europe so you can move the hell back to Cali.


megabrooke said...

hahahaha, that's classic. i love that she texted you that- don't things like that just completely make your day?

Chele said...

its untouchable the bond I have with my closets girlfriends, nothing is hidden and all we share is true honesty. They will call me out on my worst and wipe my tears on a bad day. God bless having Bff gf´s

Anonymous said...

One of the most important things I think we females should remember is to always keep our girlfriends! You'll need them even after you find a man. Sometimes when you least expect it.

Anonymous said...

For loving me in spite of the ugliness.

You're incredibly lucky to have found friends like that. Not many people do :)

EP said...

Good friends are incredible for everything. From helping you decide what to wear (and telling you to nix a part of the outfit because you'll look better without it) to heart-to-hearts about sex lives, I love my best friends.

You're lucky to have so many amazing women in your life like that.

Lauren said...

For taking my calls at 2am...or wanting to hear my problems...or cooking me dinner...or, like you, texting me the most random awesome stories. I love it.

JUST ME said...

NYC's got your back girl, whenever you come visit. ;)

Trixie Firecracker said...

For keeping me sane by telling me that those stupid scumbags at the bar aren't worth my time.

Katelin said...

haha that text is awesome. i love having friends that would want to share that information with me. and i love having friends to dance around and sing loudly and horribly with, it's fantastic.

Anonymous said...

First - I hate that when I clicked to comment the music stopped.

Second - that was the best text ever.

Third - I love my friends for getting even madder than I do about situations where I am treated unfairly, whether it is work or anything else. Because it shows that they truly care for my well being. I am so lucky that I have people like that.

kolls said...

Dude. Blogger Happy Hour, 6:30ishpm, this Friday, Bleecker Bar. You there?? (Lacey from Perks of Being a JAP set it up!)

DomestiGals said...

Chelsea! I LOVE this post! That text message is hilare... and captures what I love best about friends - that they like you, as Colin Firth-as-Darcy says, "just as you are." What's better than that?

Cheers! Jen

Classy Stiletto said...

I love the ways you put things into perspective sometimes and I don't even know who you are. My true friends are absolutley essential to my well being as I'm sure your's are too. I love nights out with the girls and being able to share things you just can't with anyone else, simply because they wouldn't understand... Love it.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

just me- AW!! Love that, love you. xo.

traci anne- I WOULD LOVE TO MAKE IT...BUT ... I'm in Colorado until I leave for my trip on Monday, :( BOO I keep missing all the fun get togethers, GAH. Thanks for thinking of me!!!

domestigals- Colin Firth is dreamy.

Alya said...

Being there for me when I need them.. And I'm there for them when they need me..

Anonymous said...

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