Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IF I HEAR ONE MORE "NO" I'm going scream my FACE OFF

I've always said, "IT ONLY TAKES ONE YES."

It's not a corporation, it's not even a team per Se, it's not a league or an entire staff....IT'S ONE PERSON. One person makes the final decision always. One. damn. person. That person could end up be the crazy cat woman ordering a scone in front of you at Starbucks, or the odd Mickey Mouse voice on the other end of the phone call. One person can hold every potential opportunity, or none at all. Lately, I feel like I've been waiting for "ONE YES" from so many different people that I'm losing track of what I need them to approve in the first place.
Anyone that thinks that they can make their way to "the top" (which isn't really a landing place anyway, but that's entire different blog) all by themselves is delusional. Motivation? Sure, that's a one man job. Actually executing the job, often that's a one person thing too. Learning to be crafty, smart, clever, forward thinking- those things can't be taught, in any profession or with any degree (which is another blog, on which I rant about college/degrees/paper that says shit, etc.) and even with all of the "unteachable" things that one must have to succeed in a specific field, without a "ONE YES" all of those things are thankless.

At this point I don't even care how they say it; Sure, RIGHT-O, It'll do, Yes sirree, SI, Approved, Truuuue (in the tone of that chick from the Biggie Smalls song), thumbs up, Yea Bitch. They all mean basically the same thing. They mean, "YES, we believe in you enough to give this opportunity which will ultimately change the course of your career forever. Holla." That holla part is assuming whoever says yes to me has a wicked sense of humor or talks like a character from a Wayan's Brother film.

Life is a series of people giving you a helping hand. A response to an email, a piece of advice, an introduction....sure many things can be done on your own but even if you're the one blazing the trail you need someone who's willing to walk it. I've had so many people who were just willing to put their wing over me and say, "alright....this is how it goes..." and thus you repay them by listening, learning, soaking in every aspect of knowledge they're giving you freely and then flying on your own with that much more experience and gratitude that they were willing to take a gamble on you. So if you're sitting on the other end waiting for someone to place their bets, you better pull through and show them it was worth it.

The hardest part is getting them to bet in the first place. But then, think of the vastness of this world.....you know how many chance's there for a "yes?" three. simple. letters. I don't even think we're capable of grasping that.....and sure, cynics and Debbie Downers WA, WA, WA, your way over here and say the same goes for the amount of "No's" you get too....but really, it's just a numbers game. The more No's you get the closer you are to a "YES." ONE. YES. In fact, "NO" just fires me up and if you've read my blog about the ridiculous amount of rejection I've endured, you'd believe me. I'm a glutton for punishment.

I never have too much pride to say, "I know I don't know, but I'll do anything I need to do to figure it out." or "I know I don't have all the experience you need, but if I'm going to start somewhere I need to start now, and I promise- I'll be great at it."
Conceptually it seems that if you believe in yourself enough, that the people on the other end should trust that you don't want to let them down because ultimately, you don't want to let yourself down.

Defeat is such a silly emotion that we let consume far too much of our energy. One "defeat" is really just another opportunity to try something else.

SO, even while I'm sitting here waiting for a series of "YES'" that could ultimately put me on a career path I've been busting my very sore ass, from Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (she is Satan's child, I'm sure of it), to walk....I'm remembering that even if all them turn out to be NO'S....there's another yes, that's even more perfect waiting for me.

WHAT "YES" ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? OR, Who has given you an opportunity, a "yes" that changed your life???


Narcs Killl said...

a friend gave me an opportunity to come and work for a small company a few years back...on August 21st 2009 I will be with the company 3 years!


Sebastian Anthony said...

For the girl that stole my heart -- twice -- to come back from America and say 'yes, I'll be yours'.

Though I know that won't happen, a man can dream... right? Well, it happened once, it could happen again...

8 years since we first met, and now it's been 2 years since we first kissed, almost to the day.

Anyway, good luck getting the fortuitous chain of YESes that you need; you're the kind of girl that makes her own luck, and usually gets away with it :)

JUST ME said...

I hope you get your YES, babe.

I'm hoping Hollywood gives me my yes soon, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Any yes from a potential employer will do! Not a fun time to graduate from college with a degree in journalism between the economy and the death of newspapers. Womp womp.

Anonymous said...

Right now... I'm waiting for the doctor to say Yes your iron levels are finally normal and you can donate blood.

I've always wanted to, but my lack of eating meat, means my iron levels are too low that I can't donate blood, even while taking iron pills.

Mara said...

As of Monday, I am became a Web Content Manager instead of a Writer-Editor thanks to a career changing "yes"!

Michelle and the City said...

hope you hear the yes you're looking for soon!

i want to hear, "yes! i really AM into you, too." :)

Jess said...

OMG I HATE having to wait on other people's approval to do something. It drives me NUTS. That's what moving to Denver was like. We KNEW we wanted to move here but SOMEONE had to hire one of us before we could. And finally someone did. And then I ended up not taking the job anyway. Oops.

d said...

Ok, so while my career is relatively exactly what I wanted at my current age, I feel the same way about relationships.

For every connection that doesn't work out, I am holding onto the idea that it is only because there is just someone better. Someone smarter. Someone funnier.

Because the thought of there being nothing amazing down the line is far too depressing to even consider.

Mel said...

I'm waiting for the yes that turns our economy around and means I am really working again instead of just running up the air-conditioning bill and keeping the chair warm.

Kate said...

I got a yes last July that changed everything for me. It meant a new job doing something I've wanted to get back to for a loooooong time and a severely shorter commute (25 minutes as opposed to two hours). Basically, my new boss gave me my life back.

Anonymous said...

I got a Yes I'd been waiting for, and I said No in a temporary lapse of reason. One of the biggest mistakes of my life. Now I'm paying for it, and pray I get another chance.

Tonya said...

Defeat is such a silly emotion that we let consume far too much of our energy. One "defeat" is really just another opportunity to try something else.

Totally true! I'm waiting for a yes on jobs I apply for.

Sizzle said...

I hope you get your yes.

Me? I'm waiting to say yes to a particular person IF HE EVER SHOWS UP DEAR GOD WHAT IS TAKING HIM SO LONG.


Carry on.

ellabella said...

i'm waiting for "YES i am finally over my horrendous ex-girlfriend and i can finally give you the kind of relationship that i know you deserve."

...i have a feeling i might be waiting a while.

Sid said...

I generally say yes to everything. When someone asks me to join them on something I always say yes. The problem with this is that I'm stretching myself very thinly. I'm so exhausted and wish there was really time to do all I've ever wanted.

MissBliss said...

I am waiting for a YES, start school now, for my sweet hubby who has been incredibly patient with the entire ridiculous process of application as an adult to this particular institution.


When I got accepted into grad school, via an ancient process now known as snail mail, I instantly cried when I opened the letter. I remember the tear hitting the paper in my hand.

Serena said...

It sounds like you had the kind of day I had - grrr! I'm waiting to hear a 'yes' from myself to let me know I'm ready to pick myself up, dust myself off and find a new 'me'.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Anonymous-...... Ah yes, I've been there before too.... Sometimes those are ones you have to live with, but you learn from them.

shine said...


Oh wait, you didn't ask me anything...crap.

Matt said...

Im waiting for a "yes" from Eva Longoria.

Rebekah said...

"Yes, I'm done being a big baby and yes, I will move in with you and take out the trash sometimes."

Ronnica said...

On a personal level, I'm waiting on a "yes," to embark upon a relationship. I just wanna say, "Come on, give me a chance!"

Nacia said...

I waiting for the corporate big wigs at (insert any television network) to give me a "YES" on my television script.

Maybe your "Yes" is my "No". Give me back my "YES" !!!!!

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