Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gwen Bell and feeding little monsters.

The other day I got lost in a time warp reading back posts of Gwen Bell's blog. Gwen is fantastic, as I'm sure all you bloggers know; she's intelligent, creative, innovative and all those other things we strive for....plus, she lives in Colorado.

I sat there thinking; Fuck. I need to do more with myself- then she mentioned using the word fuck only weakens your writing, and I thought; FUCK. I should quit and learn to like kids (?? I don't know, cause it seems like it'd add harmony to my life, and maybe I'd cuss less.) The whole time, all I was doing (other being utterly in awe of her awesomeness) was comparing and contrasting; If she can be a blog goddess, who is up on all things social media, who practices yoga and blogs daily, travels, pursues, speaks, creates and is all around stellar; I should be doing that.

It's not that I don't believe I'm not doing enough, I am. I've been recording daily, writing music, enjoying new friends, socializing and leaving enough time in my day to take multiple trips to my pantry to browse its contents. It's just....am I doing ENOUGH....? Are the shoes I'm in a little too comfortable?

I was inspired by her ability to get things done; which is evident with the life she lives. The way she approaches the web, information, and all of her business ventures is the picture of: Think outside the box. Follow your passion. And DO IT. She's not a thumb twiddler. Not that I can sense anyway.

It isn't that I necessarily want to hijack Gwen's life (because that's creepy and let's face it, no one does "you" as well as you do, imitations are for Vegas....and crab) we're different people with different goals- but what I can do is throw myself, head first into the wealth of opportunities, options and aspirations that are in front of me now. Full out.

This isn't a dress rehearsal, this IS our life!

This is what you thought of when you were a kid, when you imagined getting out of your training bra and having "real boobs." (I never got them.) When you imagined your high heels clicking on marble floors as you walked into your "fancy" job. When you imagined staying up past your bed time, playing house and being taken seriously. Those times when we thought; when I'm "in my life" all be secure, totally confident and everything will be easy, grand and exactly. how. I. Imagined.....and I'll have stainless steel appliances. And drink martinis. Extra dirty. Like a real live adult. It'll be awesome.

Well, I still find myself saying these things, but the thing is- THIS IS IT. There isn't a later, or a matinee. Right now, where I am, in my twenties, physically able to stretch and kick and live in this body until I wear it out, like my favorite pair of jeans- faded and torn in the perfect mold of my hips and thighs, from staying out late, brushing past bodies going from place to place, rough housing and thriving, I should have no excuse to not be approaching everything with the reckless abandon of a Snookie backflip on the dance floor.

The thing is; figuring out where your time could be spent BEST. That's certainly not checking my Facebook 5-thousand-fucking-times.

Where are you the most valuable? Where do you FEEL the most validated? What makes you feel good?....weird. Sometimes it is just about generating good feelings, even when the source doesn't make "logical" sense. Our FEELING is the only indicator we get, unless you hear voices...and if you do, email me. I got questions for the Big Guy.

Wherever we feel GREAT is where we'll thrive, It's where we'll be the rock star of our own story.....so why do we spend so much time not feeling great?

The goal isn't to be Gwen, or Madonna, or have so-and-so's "cool life" but to be the BEST at what I do best.... Whatever it is that is MINE, that makes me feel aligned and fulfilled but still "hungry," that is an area that if neglected, I'm only denying myself the life I deserve. If I allow myself to thrive in my "best" the outcome can't be anything but fantastic.

...right now, I would say, though my day is full, the percentage of it wasted is just too damn much. And the places where I actually allow my energy to drift don't always deserve it. Whatever we feed our energy into is that which will blossom and it isn't just one-sided "goodness." Feeding monsters will sanction their growth just as intensely, and when something useless, negative, or unwanted is being fed your minds most powerful brain waves, it's a lot harder to reel the roaring beast back to shore. My monster is a sea creature. FYI.

So, where is my energy best??......if I pump a certain amount of fuel into my tank, or A tank, which tank "needs" it most, which car (if you will) is the one I want to drive the distance. Saying "the distance" makes me sound more dramatic and serious, or like I sing Bette Midler songs when no one's listening...but you get the idea.

The goals this week to funnel my energy in a better direction is:
1. Check emails only 3 times a day, 8am, 1 pm and 6pm. 2. Facebook twice a day, when I wake up and when I go to bed (if you see me online, I urge you to talk shit at me over FB chat. Thanks. Social responsibility people) 3. Do yoga when I wake up. Not at 4pm in my living room while I watch Oprah. 4. Write the IDEA down when it HAPPENS. Too often I let an idea; song, blog, business, etc. go and assume the inspiration will be there to pick up again when I decide to "get around to it...." well, that's not how it works. It just prolongs the creative process, or stalls it completely. AND 5. No TV (I waited until Tuesday, so I didn't miss The Bachelor....don't judge me. This was to lessen temptation.)

What do you need to "FEED YOUR ENERGY" to more often????


Diane said...

Hy, enjoyed so much this text. For me, you're the best text writer in the blogs I read (maybe because I'm a fashion blogger...:))) )

But anyway, you;re always an inspiration and, to answer your question, whenever I feel sad or am in a bad phase i check out Kandee Johnson's blog or facebook or youtube page. She's a Hollywood make-up artist and such a great and cheerful person:D

Have a fun day!


Eleanor Loves You said...

That "little voice" just came from you, dear. Thanks for this post!

Kelly Leigh said...

Ah I love the way you write. Please don't stop dropping the F-bomb. I kinda like hearing a girl besides me swear like a sailor... even though I try not to in my blog because my 10 year old cousin and very catholic family reads it. and facebook sucks the life out of me too. My husband said there is a program where you can social suicide yourself on facebook so EVERYTHING gets deleted, never to be accessed again, but I'm too scared to take the plunge. I feel like I wouldn't have friends anymore.

Anonymous said...

sorry did you just invade my thoughts...i have been pondering my life alot of late making decisions of what to do next and how i should live to the fullest esp as tomorrow is not guarenteed and most of all you DO NOT get a do-over if you fuck this life up!

i seriously enjoyed this!!

Princess said...

"Write the IDEA down when it HAPPENS." I'm so guilty of letting good stories slip away. I've got them there sitting in my head but I'd much rather watch bad TV. Ugh. Anyway, right now I'm trying to become a better surfer. This involves me going out into the ocean instead of just thinking about the ocean.

Unknown said...

I really needed this post. I'm struggling with the little monsters and am trying to get my words together to write a post on it.

The goal isn't to be Gwen, or Madonna, or have so-and-so's "cool life" but to be the BEST at what I do best.... Whatever it is that is MINE, that makes me feel aligned and fulfilled but still "hungry," that is an area that if neglected, I'm only denying myself the life I deserve. If I allow myself to thrive in my "best" the outcome can't be anything but fantastic.

That's what I needed to hear the most.

Aixa said...

Chelsea Dear!!!
I could not agree with you more; My monster is so full of S#@T, I have been even given him vitamins, so He could wrestle me when I try to let him go!!!
I have been meaning to really finish a script and it only happens in myhead, always will get around to it!!
Let's channel our Energy...
And the FB thingy is a stupidly consuming as we let it be...
Good Week to you...

Unknown said...

One of my best friends always says that: "This isn't a dress rehearsal; this is your life!" Love that sentiment.

I am constantly asking myself if I'm doing enough, living enough, trying enough, laughing enough, loving enough...on and on. Even if the answer on some days is "no," I guess I'd rather be asking myself these questions---in the pursuit of really living fully, largely---than be complacent.

Love your blog!!!

P.T said...

I've come to the same decision a while back and I even posted something about that yesterday or day before.

I need to spend much less time on the net and find other alternative hobbies; like gardening. I would love to have my own bed of herbs and veggies. I already find a spot for my small garden.

And then next plan is to lose weight. I know that's every woman's plan but me sitting down on the couch suurfing the net ain't helping me much...plus I got a wedding to attend...most probably this end of month! Starvation here I come...

Joanne said...

Great post! I'm so with you on the email/FB-ness. I find myself just fucking around on both so much that I'm wasting my day away. Sigh...

Kate said...

Great post. I really needed a kick up the arse today and you gave me just that. Back to my studies then as I know it'll get me where I want to be... unlike titting around on the internet!

Kate x

Herding Cats said...

Um, I just have to say. I loved your Twitter comment last night that Tenley's dance offended you. It offended me too, and I don't even know how the hell to dance!

I really enjoyed this blog post. I find myself going to "comparison land" all the time! The thing is, so many people are comparing their lives to YOURS! (Because you are awesome) so keep that in mind.

I also agree with limiting internet time. I get so sucked in. Time to cut back!

Shibby said...

I love reading your blog every time I find something new to inspire me =)
I've started to realised that I'm 'grown up' and life is at my finger tips I have to take it and enjoy it while I can.
Life is awesome =)

Jules AF said...

Gym and/or studying to be prepared for my internships.

Miss Angie said...

Sometimes, You are my absolute favorite Blogger. Those "sometimes" are basically every time I'm reading your blog. It's fantastic and inspiring and I fall in love with your matter-of-fact way of life every time!

I need to feed my energy into myself. Into getting things done, and into excersize. I need to lose weight and be healthy and happy.

I need to STOP feeding my energy into looking for love. That would be healthy.

Lucie - A Taste Of Vogue said...

Loved this post - thankyou!


Nikki said...

fuck...I'm scared to visit her blog now. I'm not ready to be productive. Just 10 more minutes please.

I know how you feel, right now I feel like I'm running on a treadmill and not advancing on anything. Maybe that means that when I finally do...I'll hit the ground running?

Melissa said...

Here's the thing. Only YOU can do Chelsea (and secretly, I see you as my "Gwen". You live your life, you are a performer, you seem pretty fucking rad).
And as far as the word fuck, everyone has a strong opinion on it, I personally love the word. I have a stepson (not a huge kid person either...) and it hasn't stopped me from swearing around him. I just tell him those are grown up words... LOL!
As far as where I need to put more energy, it's on ME. I need to take care of me. Get off these nasty cigarettes and do yoga more.
You are so inspiring, keep being you! =)

chelsea rebecca said...

this is so inspiring and absolutely what i needed to hear today.
thanks for the reminder!

{and no tv!? thats so wonderful! i wish i could pull that feat off!}

K-Tee said...

thank-you for the inspiring post. i am 'stuck' and need to start focusing on living instead of just plodding along. you gave me a little kick in the butt, and i thank you for that.
ps. never stop fucking swearing. it sometimes just needs to be said.

Lauren said...

"I sat there thinking; Fuck. I need to do more with myself- then she mentioned using the word fuck only weakens your writing, and I thought; FUCK. I should quit and learn to like kids"

I just peed in my pants. You kill me.

Do more, live life, even if its something small. So hard to grasp, yet so fulfilling when it happens.

I'm still laughing. Man, your good.

C'est La Vie said...

working out. definitely working out. That's where my energy needs to go.

PS I like that you are trying to stop using the F Bomb

Unknown said...

Loved this post. Headed over to Gwen's, because apparently I was out of the loop.

tee said...

Do you blog anywhere else? I feel like you need a segment called "Real Talk with Chelsea" on some self help site. Real talk.

When I find myself stuck in a serious rut, I find it's because I haven't been inspired in a while. Reading a good book always reminds me of how much I love to write, watching a great movie reminds me how much I love to act, etc. Also, those random specials on Top-Hottest-100-Maxium-Swimsuit-Celebrity-Bodies always remind me to get my ass on a treadmill.


Anonymous said...

ohhh does getting on facebook on my phone count!? I constantly am thinking about where i want to put my energy. I feel like i'm either pulling myself in 50 directions or just plain blah!

Hopefully i figure that out soon!

Amanda Blair said...

It's so funny that you feel this way about Gwen because I feel the same about you. You seem to living this incredible life, even though it gets complicated. I look up to you the same way you look up to her. I think you're doing all these amazing things, doing things not just talking about them, being a kickass writer, and just generally being awesome. i mean you danced in ben harper video and auditioned for lady Gaga! You do not get much cooler!
I also feel the same as you do as putting my energy towards the right things! I'm focusing on figuring out my career, as I don't want to serve for the rest of my life. Focus on my writing, hell maybe write for a living. And just do shit!

Jaxie Fantastic said...

I love your writing, and today you've really made me think about my life. I'm totally guilty of the checking Facebook a zillion times a day. I'm going to join this journey with you. Let's see where it leads!

JUST ME said...

I've recently cut my FB time down, as well as my TV time. As long as I don't get stuck on some TLC reality show...I'm fine...

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was in LA thinking, "fuck, this is my life." And it's wonderful. And full, fulfilling, wild and freeing.

I boarded a plane and looked out the window. The plane took off and my thoughts went to my mom. When she was 30, she died of the cancer that had been with her for six years. She got cancer in her 20s. She understood death was a reality at a young age - she transfered that knowledge to me. I understand death is a reality. I think of it daily - even when I have a crappy day I reflect on the fact that I have 24 precious hours the next day. To live it as big as I can. Sometimes that means getting shitfaced on Irish Car Bombs on a karaoke stage. Sometimes that means really sitting with strong emotions when they arise on the meditation cushion.

There's no yard stick to compare ourselves to. Even in best case scenario - we still have a finite amount of time in which to rock out. Each minute I can spend on it, I will. This used to result in rushed, frenetic motion that looked like getting things done.

When I allowed myself to slow down and really observe my behaviors, it opened up a tender place in me. That's where I strive to live from. Daily, yes. But more important, moment to moment.

hungryandfrozen said...

Loved this blog post - feels like you took what has been said a lot of times before but made it real, and relatable, and not in the SLIGHTEST bit cliched :D It has definitely made me think. (Also - I know what you mean about the "monsters", I call them vampires but same diff)

confessions of a perfectionist said...

Strange that I was just having a conversation ABOUT THIS VERY THING! I need to stop spinning my wheels and only do things that are INSPIRED and worth my time (i.e. not browsing job websites that have countless jobs that I could never see myself doing). And yes, not checking facebook on the hour every hour would help me out too.

Romana said...

i just loved this, made me smile and i believe we all see ourselves in (at least) some of the things u wrote. but yeah, live ur life fully, otherwise u'll never know what's in it for you :)

Schwinger said...

I'm with you on the attempt to not waste SO much time on Facebook. I swear it's sucking the life and/or the will to do productive things right out of me! When you said you were going to try to write ideas down when they happen, it was like a nice bop on my head too. I'm always getting ideas and NOT writing them down. Then inevitably getting pissed because I can't remember them 2 days later. I dig your blog girl, keep on truckin'!

Anonymous said...

I just found you through Gwen, and I must say.. ah-ha! You said everything exactly right. There is nothing to add. I'm just a bobbing head of agreement. And thank you for writing this today. I really, really needed the reminder. And the kick in the ass.

Minnesota Girl said...

Thanks for stopping buy! Love the title of your blog and can't wait to read more =)

Have a fabulous week!

Amy --- Just A Titch said...

Man, Chelsea---I love this. I love the questions you asked and all of it. You have such a unique ability to challenge me while making me laugh and relate, and oh my...I just want to print this post out and keep re-reading it.

But I suppose I should be more productive. ;) xoxo

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

diane- ooo I'll have to check her out too and thank you!

denvermusicscene- annnnnd, i love you

kelly-the F bomb won't go anywhere, promise!

this is my life-i'm a thought invader, generally :)

princess-ah, i wish i could go out to the ocean

shannon-im so glad it connected with you!'

eternal blast-finish it! that's fantastic!!!

hope- your friend is smart!

p.t.-ooo gardening is such a fnatastic idea, i've always wanted to do that...when i have a yard...

joanne- we should start a support group

kate- glad i could give you the boot!

herding cats- THAT "DANCE" WAS TERRIBLE!!!!

shibby- life IS awesome!

the boob nazi- oh yes, the gym, i should get back to that

miss angie- thank you SO MUCH!!

Lucie- and thank you for coming by!

nikki- hahaha don't be scared

melissa- thank you so so much, absolutely fabulous comment- made me smile

chelsea- no tv, will definitely be tricky!!

k-tee- i'll keep swearing! and your welcome, thank you!

penny- hahah, well thank you! i try, i try.

sara- i mean....i probably wont EVER stop using the fbomb, but it's a nice thought. It's just rooted too deeply in my vocabulary.

summer- do it!!

tee- i write on a lot of different blogs, but not like that! hot damn, you're right, i would love to have a colum a "blog column" if you will!

adorably distracted- eek, i do the FB phone stuff too..i think it does count...

amanda blair- THANK YOU, SO, SO SO SO MUCH. :) you're awesome and i'll remember this, it's good for my ego ;)

jaxie- thanks dear!

just me- dude, TLC gets me everytime.

Gwen- Thanks so much for coming by and for your fabulously beautiful comment and all things that you said to remind us to slow down. Moment to moment is where it's hard to not get caught up worrying, or thinking about "whats next" and so on...it's also where true bliss and happiness resides if we just open ourselves to it. You're a gem.

laura- thank you so much :) i can be a little cliched sometimes, cause cliches are cute. lol.

confessions- I have been a bad friend the last week, calling you today. xo.

romana- thank you!! and thanks for the tweet!!

artgirl- i hear ya!

emmajames- thanks so much, i'm so glad you came by, cheers!!

minnesota- thank you!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

amy- :) THANK YOU, i'm so glad my rambling of trying ot figure things out could connect with you too.... ;) cheers friend!

CeCe said...

OMG! You have no idea how badly I needed this post. Life plans not turning out how I thought, and I keep on telling myself I just need to do yoga first thing in the morning, eliminate time wasters (e.g. tv), finally get to that stack of amazing books by my bed and pick up my sketchbook again. THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION!

P.S. Love your writing style

Cinnamon said...

I've been finding I have the same problem. I go to bed at night thinking of all the things I should have done and think back on all the time wasting I actually did. I'm thinking making lists is a big help. To do lists that keep me on track and focused. And the no tv thing is a big one, that is a HUGE time waster. You look at the clock and hours have gone by and youre still in your jammies.


Deidre said...

I've been feeling a lot like this lately. As someone who is unemployed and waiting for that "real life" to kick in I think about all the things I should be doing. I should be learning html to make my blog looks all pretty like I've always wanted it to. I should be reading novels and volunteering...

But at the end of the day where I do nothing but search for jobs and do yoga, I find that I am just too tired for the idea of learning new stuff.

buhdoop said...

I so wish I could do a Snookie back handspring thing. Your words are so on point! Except for the no tv thing. That will take me a long time to do, but like all habits it is best to go cold turkey.

Shelley Malone said...

Holy shit, you're awesome. "but what I can do is throw myself, head first into the wealth of opportunities, options and aspirations that are in front of me now. Full out." I will be quoting you in my journal tonight. I basically need to do the same thing - thanks for the well-timed kick in the pants!

Uh, and that journal quoting thing was not in a stalky way. : )

Alice in Wonderland said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my little site! Hey, I like what I was reading and the way that you think!
Gosh my computer is on almost all day (and night!) and I just love to chat and meet new people.
I've read some of your comments on other blogs, and I have thought about getting in touch with you before, but you have so many followers that I felt a bit out of my depth.
I just blog because I like to. I don't really think that FaceBook or MySpace and the rest are really worth all the effort, and I just write whatever comes into my head, whether that be a poem or a piece of nonsense, but I do blog everyday, and have my regular readers.
I've done loads of things in my time, including being an artists model, having a degree in Art and Design and doing a bit of journalism. I've also travelled a lot and got to meet a lot of people.
But...I love Blogging, and I guess a blogger is what I'll always be! No fuss, no hassle!
Talk to you again!

City Soliloquy said...

Truly inspiring, I really needed to read this today of all days.

I sometimes look at people's lives and covert them, which is really naughty when you've got a perfectly good life and can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it. This is especially true right now when I speak to people who are more 'sorted' than myself - they have the job, the house, a wardrobe to die for. They know exactly where they are going in life and seem to be able to do it all.

The limiting yourself on FB sounds like a really smart idea. I read of one lady who refused herself facebook one day a week and I like that idea too.

Thanks for finding me on the blogosphere I love your witty and thought-provoking entries!

Nikki x

Phoenix said...

Damn, you kick ass. I love it.

My energy goes a lot towards other people... and as I'm starting to whittle that down a bit, I am left with empty air wondering what I'm supposed to do with ME if I'm not running around taking care of 8000 other people's needs.

But I'm getting there.

Meghan said...

my good god i need to check facebook less.

...i also need to eat some imitation crab.



Kinsey said...

Your post really left me thinking. I do check facebook too much, but I've already started to stray from it...slowly;)
I need to feed my energy toward more professional goals - working on my resume, for one - soon too, since I'll be attending a career fair next week in the cities. ACK! I gotta get going on that.

Jen said...

Great post, and so true! I need to feed my energy more into exercising. I've made progress, but not enough.

Kate said...

Very good advice with write down your ideas immediately. It is so annoying to forget later.

Kate xx

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. I needed a little pick-me-up and this hit the spot. I've been so feeling the way you are, so you were speaking straight to my soul. :)

I do what I want! said...

I am guilty of checking facebook WAY too many times and not writing down ideas when I have them which explains my slacking on blog posts. I need to work on this. thanks for this inspiration. You are right THIS is IT. This is real life!


Liz said...

Isn't Gwen magic? I had the immense pleasure of flying out to meet her last year & am honored to call her one of my dearest friends. So glad you caught the inspiration bug!

Kia Poison said...

we all have to find our own..aura. sometimes we feel it should shine naturally, but we cant truly BLING until we sit, ponder, do a little soul searching..and make shit POP!

anyways...awesome blog..and that gaga experience..will one day be your OWN fucking tour!! [excuse the "fuck"]

Xo Kiapoison of tasteless diamonds

Mrs T said...

I think I need a schedule for checking facebook too!

Vanessa said...

Lovely post as always!

I wish I had more time to write and work on my sewing projects. For me, I think it's a matter of saying no to things that I don't enjoy that suck up my time - like work.

anna said...

this was GREAT. i needed it. really.

angela.kolachny said...

hahaha reading your post literally makes. my. day. THANK YOU:o) you are too fun! I agree, I check facebook wayyyyyyyyyy too often. I think I could actually add it to my resume because I've become so obsessed with it, its like a 2nd job. fml. anywayy about yoga when you wake up...I've always thought about doing that too. I'm halfway there...I do a lot of stretching as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning. It wakes my body up and gets the blood flowing. Yoga is a great idea, maybe I'll start trying that. Hell, I'll be snowed in for the rest of my life it seems like here in PA so why not start now? lol! happy tuesday girl!

Elizabeth Marie said...

LOVE YOU. I just read this article about living in the moment and...not virtual moments and combined with this post I am making some changes. That I shall share in an email lol.

(psst not to be an enabler, but because I love you-what about the season finale of the bachelor? just askin.)

Anonymous said...

This makes me want to be a better person and fully make an effort to not suck.

But do I really have to stop saying fuck and like babies?

Because that really confuses me.

Ashley Stone said...

like your blog! .... I never got those real boobs either. : (

Angie said...

I'm 24 and still waiting to "blossom". I'm starting to think maybe not.

You SHOULD say fuck if you want to. I do sometimes just because its fun and conveys the emotion that no other word can.

Its funny because I still find myself censoring myself a lot on my blog. I'm a people pleaser and I need to stop! That's one of my monsters.

Anonymous said...

You know, I think all of this - not feeling like we ARE enough or aren't DOING enough - is just part of being in our 20s. I, too, struggle with feeling as though my whole entire life is inadequate. But then, when I get busy and I'm out there DOING things for other people, all I think is "gosh, I just want one hour for ME." Where's the balance? Will we ever figure it out? I don't know. But until then, that dirty martini sounds like a great idea.

OB said...

what inspiration! I love this post!

Tiffany Kadani said...

Love it all! I started a Love Our Bodies Week over at my blog because I am having ISSUES with just loving life. It's helping because yes, tomorrow, is opening night for my show.

Honey Bee said...

Chelsea, I love you, you are my knight in shining armour like I said on my blog.
You write amazingly well.

meleah rebeccah said...

lately I wasn't feeling like I was doing enough either. I decided I had enough of feeling crappy, so I got up and started 'Doing Things Differently'. I am still able to incorporate the things I love to do, like checking my facebook account, but NOT 500 times a day anymore!

Im glad to hear reading Gwen's blog inspired YOU so much, because from reading all of these comments - YOU seem to have inspired A LOT of other people!

Crumz said...

Thanks for the comment!

"I sat there thinking; Fuck. I need to do more with myself- then she mentioned using the word fuck only weakens your writing, and I thought; FUCK. I should quit and learn to like kids" <----This made me chuckle. Haha!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

cece- and thank you dear!

cinnamon-i'm obsessed with to-do lists

deidre- sigh....yess, i share many of these

buhdoop-going cold turkey SUCKS man

shelley- thank you so much! you're awesome!

alice- of course!

city- thank you very much, i appreciate it!

phoenix- i think that happens ot all of us to some extent, i know.

meghan- mmmm sushi

kinsey- mine too, ill think good thoughts for ya!

jen- ah, thats a common one for sure,its just easier to sit on the couch! ;)

kate- ive started doing it and it helps so much

erin- yay!

i do what i want- it is and it's time to live it!

liz- SHE IS MAGIC. I'm considering stalking her in boulder. Actually we share many similiar connections, we'll meet soon i'm sure.

kia- thanks love, damn straight MY OWN TOUR. I love it.

v- very good point indeed.

miss lucille- good ;) thats why i love to write! xo

angela- loved this comment, thank you dear!


cheryl- no, no you don't. don't worry i wont change if you dont change ? :)

ashley- thanks for coming by!!

angie- i will, i will, no worries

chasing- dude, balance-.....its key and yet so hard.

lala- thank you love!

dancing branflake- awesome, ill have to read it!

mara- check her out, she's radical

nahl- thank you so much love, you're a gem. Reading comments like this make me inspired to write- thank you!

meleah-aw, thank you! I hope so, and you all inspire me so much too!

repliderium.com said...

I exercise while watching Criminal Minds. Does this count? Even if the "exercise" is in fact lifting a wine glass up and down to my mouth rapidly?
I use serious pumping action though. Seriously.

iheartkiwi said...

i am sooo guilty on the facebook front!

i need to unplug when my husband and i come home after a long day... turn off the computer and the tv. i think we miss a lot of human interaction because we multi task so much.

part of the reason i love blogging is that i find inspiration through the lives of others... that's what this whole crazy community is here for!

Doniree said...

YOU DO sing Bette Midler when no one's looking :)

And I adore this whole post - you live one of the loudest, brightest lives I know - I can't wait to see you tonight! :)

Ari said...

Ha ha love this! And don't change your style or your self! :)

Trang Trại Heo Rừng Lai Hương Nam said...

Oh mine, your post makes my day. I'm a huge fan of Gwen as well. And what ya saying is totally true. So glad I found your blog dear!

Robyn Thompson said...

thank you for your compliment on my blog! thank you - so honored & flattered!

Karen said...

Excellent post! And this is something I need to take to heart more often as well. I am wasting too much of my time on things that don't matter at all in the big picture!
Thanks for reminding me of that.

Anonymous said...

Yet another great post! I too would have more time for reading, writing, and yoga if I didn't waste all my time on Facebook. =p

Time to change that!

jordan said...

thank you for visiting my blog! yours is super fun!! i like.

jordan said...

thank you for visiting my blog! yours is super fun!! i like.

Mrs. B said...

this was fantastic, dear! and if it means anything, i think you do a great job! i often feel the same way though, like i'm not doing "enough." this post was full of inspiration though! thanks for sharing!

Heart Charlie said...

Yeah!! Love this post!! I need to cut down on the e-mail checking! I feel like I check my e-mail every 8min from my phone, so ridiculous! I honestly think I need to exercise and just be more physical in my everyday life! Sitting at a desk or walking the city is not the same as running for an hour, I really think if I did that, other aspects of my life would change in a positive way as well....I will do it! I swear I will ;)....just gotta check one more blog, finish one more cookie, watch one more episode of the office.....*snore*

Anna said...

Wow. This really spoke to me know. I'm trying to figure all of this out. This IS my life RIGHT NOW. I'm living it. What I need to do is spend more time outside. Nature inspires and refreshes me.

Susan said...

It is scary when you realize, this is it. I've actually been practicing things like eating dinner and watching TV with my computer hidden in another room. I need to learn when it's time to unplug.

Matt said...

whats the name of the movie you were telling me about again?

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

matt- What the Bleep do we know.....watch it.

Anonymous said...

To feed my energy I should just print this post and read it whenever I need motivation. This was brilliant! In many ways it was like reading about my own life (yeah, I should be checking my email only 3times a day. wishful thinking, hm).

I am SO glad I found this blog, it is exceptionally inspiring!

Unknown said...

This was the kick in the pants I so needed, I have been doing the mental dance with myself for the last couple of months.

It was nice to read your no holds bar, shit to the wind reality of the time to get my crap together and don't waste time!


kathleen said...


PS) I feel as though we are destined to be friends. Creepy? Yes, but still true. Next time you're in Vegas, give a girl a shout-out.

PPS) My boyfriend is next to me singing "We are the world, we are the Snookie." I'm not sure how that applies, but I feel it does.

Mandie said...

Very inspiring.

I always find myself thinking, "My life will be so amazing when..."

But when the "when" gets here... It's still just my life and I'm never quite satisfied.

Thanks for the reminder to live in the here and now.

Heatheriglf said...

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