Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Because Revolutions Are SEXY......

[Disclaimer: This started as an email to a couple of my close single girlfriends, then I was going to share via Twitter....until someone said, "Annnnd...why isn't this a blog post again?]

It's almost that time of the year when people are sending each other love notes inscribed on chalky candy hearts, where elaborate plans are made, dresses purchased, waxes scheduled.....

...oh yes, it's almost Valentines Day. Huzzah!

Turns out this year, I won't be doing my usual concert/dinner date like I have the last two years, cuddled up to that fuzzy man I loved so much; I won't have someone go out of their way to paint me anything with charming anecdotes about all the reasons he loves me, (yes that happened and you can stop feeling sorry for me now) and I won't have anyone gaze into my eyes and say they, "can't imagine a life without me..." those things aren't on the agenda. I probably won't make love by candlelight, or try acting like sex in a hot tub is fun either (because it's just not, trust, I have a scar to prove it.)

So sure, this year may be different- but you won't see this chick wearing black and crying into a bottle of whiskey, no no- you will however, see this chick wearing silky dress, tightly constricting my-ever-bodacious-and-sexy bodayyy, perhaps even some sparkles in various places and a new shade of pink lipstick (pink is the new red, get into it) who knows- MAYBE I'LL GET CRAZY AND CURL MY HAIR- this year I may not be dressing for someone, but I am dressing for ME- This year instead of drinking lovers spit, or crying while slow-dancing (shut up, I've done this) to "Trapeze Swinger," I'm instead going to cry in to a glass of champagne, and I'm going to cry some happy tears; for my health, for my shine, for my family and my friends, for the love that I've been shown over the last 6 months that wasn't romantic, but was still unconditional and pure. Instead of feeling the void, I want you to cry into a glass of champagne for the suckahh that chose to live his life without you, because he's the one who's going to be looking for a discount-date before the sun sets on the 14th, while you , yes you amazing Goddess Princess, are going to be out, celebrating. Sans the risk of a puss-filled and itchy STD, or that "coyote-ugly" moment. Yeah, no thanks.

We will celebrate that we didn't have to buy fancy lingerie for anyone to see other that US, we'll dip into a souffle and a cheese plate and go home, to an empty bed that's indentation is only for ONE; one WHOLE, HUMAN, AND THAT IS YOU. She will celebrate her indulgences, her feminity, she'll place her hand on the curve of her belly and the nape of her neck...and she will cherish those things, because she's the only one who's lucky enough to enjoy them. She will celebrate that she didn't simply STOP loving, because someone stopped loving her; in fact, she loves herself a hell of a lot more now. She will NOT and I repeat WILL NOT; drunk text, cry in public, sneer at happy couples, 'boycott the whole fucking thing,' or say, "why me?" You know why it was you, SISTER here's why; because, perhaps this year you need to, ahem, yes, SPEND A LITTLE TIME ON YOUR OWN GODDAMN SELF, stop worrying about "finding love," or your fucking eggs getting old (or whatever,) don't worry about the timeline, and for the love of Baby Jesus, please stop telling yourself that he was the best you could get. You're like, basically spitting on yourself when you say that, saying you're tainted, or that you've lost value- that you've "run the race and are retiring." Now, visualize spitting on yourself, you can't really reach anywhere other than your leg, your arm, or....your chin and that would just look like you're drooling- so, stop spitting on yourself, because it's goddamn embarrassing. You're alone this year because, perhaps, you need to enjoy one fabulous date....all. by. yourself. Don't go to Panda Express in your high school track sweats, save that for a Wednesday night. And don't settle on, "that one guy," just because you're afraid of being alone...it'll only make it worse.

So for you, you hot bitch, I've written an outline for you, virtually, asking YOU to ask YOURSELF on a date. Now, chin up, you're really too pretty to stare at the floor.

Valentines Doesn't Suck Ass, It's Your Day Hunny PIE:

9:00- While I'd like to stay away from cliches, that would be entirely impossible, (I'm from the John Hughes generation, don't fuck with me)

Your morning mantra: "Hey (____insert loving name here___) don't you look DASHING? (refer to yourself as dashing multiple times throughout the day, as it seems to be an underappreciated word) Gawd, aren't you stoked you didn't have to come up with some CLEVER present this year? Like the time you wrote him a fairytale and cut up all your childhood books so that you could find the blonde prince's for every scene, yeaaaaa, don't do that again. In fact, I'd like you to go buy yourself a book. You've been saying, "Word," and "Definitely" entirely too much- we think it's time for you to read a new novel. Also, your ass looks great. And, your hair- I mean, that HAIR. Win. Thank you dear heavens for a hot ass, hot hair day- also thank you for my banging hot face. (Good men fall in love with faces, not asses, so thank your face.) Now, put on some bronzer and go tackle the day, you little nymph. "

10:30- Go buy said book:

Suggested Reading: Decoded by Jay-Z (because I appreciate a man who can love a strong woman liiiiiike, BEYONCE), My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler, Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise by Ruth Reichl, How to be Single by Liz Tuccillo, Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert, Loving Frank by Nancy Horan, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha, and The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown- also, watch her talk on vulnerability here.

12:00- oh HAII, look who deserves a little bubbly with their lunch....yep, that's you. It's noon, and no hour is too early when you're celebrating, bring your book, leave your cell phone in the car, have two glasses....flirt with the waiter. Don't order a salad, who're you trying to impress? You know you want that baked Mac & Cheese, fool.

Mid-Day Mantra 2:00- "Okay, Weeping Willow...I see how you're getting all, 'poor me, no one sent me flowers...my desk looks bleak, like a sad single person's life (proceed to cry in bathroom)' well, good for you at 3:00, when you leave work early- YOU'RE GOING TO GO BUY YOURSELF SOME FLOWERS. Preferably something obnoxiously large, that would belong in a foyer with vaulted ceilings, after all, you're making up for years of NOT buying yourself flowers, so today- they should be large." Then, this is where you proceed to ask yourself out....chivalry isn't dead;

"Hey....so, I've been thinking about it and I know I've been kind of wishy washy about my feelings, but it's really that I'm just in AWE of you- and I didn't have the courage to ask.....you're (do your best stammering, Michael Cera-esque awkwardness impression) just.... (pause, get the courage to ask the hot piece of perfection out).... amazing sounds so LAME, you're way better than amazing, you're like....you're like a freakin' Holiday, just....amazing. God, amazing like Christmas rolled in powdered sugar and bacon grease. You're like Jane Austen, meets Madonna, meets Britney Spears when her abs were all covered in baby oil in that video that looked like she was in a sweat shop. You're as funny as Tina Fey and as sexy as Kim Kardashian. And, you have the most perfect little nose. What I'm really trying to say is, would you do me the great honor of having dinner with me tonight? (gulp)"


3:00 Buy yourself a big fucking flower thing for your faux foray.

3:30- I know it isn't all about what's on the outside, but that doesn't mean it doesn't feel good to go "get pretty." Do any of the following; Manicure, pedicure, massage, body scrub, get some fake eyelashes like make you look like Bambi, get a blowout, go to YOGA- nothing makes skin look better than when you're all detoxed and shiny. If you can swing it, take the entire day off and do all of the above, don't look at me like that- YES YOU DO DESERVE IT, I KNOW IT'S EXPENSIVE, BUT YOU'RE WORTH IT BABY. Plus, haven't you heard of Groupon? Keep your eyes peeled for date deals.

5:00- remember that dress you bought last week? Over the top? TOTALLY. Wear it.

Suggested dresses (because we don't live in the same state, so we won't all be wearing the same dress, at the same time):

Look at you, all dressed up and pretty! Don't forget the shoes: YAY SHOES. Okay, maybe not those- I'm know I'm gagging at the price tag too, too expensive- BUT SO PRETTY.
Oh hey- one more thing; you should PROBABLY go to sleep wearing this tonight- women appreciate lingerie more than man anyway, they just wanna see yo titties, (Hi Mom, look how classy I am!)
Then, last but not least- go to DINNER. Where one place you've REALLY WANTED TO GO? Somewhere where ordering courses is essential, simply because there's so much on the menu that looks delicious......I'm going here: Olivea Restaurant. Oh, you're not into eating dinner alone...? Alright, I CHALLENGE YOU, brave thing. Or perhaps, your best friend can come along for this "First Date" as a buffer ;) I'll give you one pass, as long as there's a single dinner follow-up. Order a bottle of wine, yea, yea, you're a lush, and take your TIME. Make your date (YOU), feel worthy, special, ATTENDED TO. Listen to what she says; spiritually, mentally, and physically. Notice the little nuances that make her so special, be kind to her...make her feel valued, ADORED. Then, after you go to dinner, I want you to go home and write a THANK YOU letter to the ones you've loved/love, including ex-flames.....because, if it weren't for them, you wouldn't be you...no matter how it ended/started/IS.....etc, GRATITUDE is the best medicine.

I know, it all seems pretty simple right? But will you do it


You have two weeks to plan your 'date' all links will be posted on Feb 17th on this blog and one of you bloggers will receive a kick ass giveaway prize, at random.

So whether it's a dinner date, a vacation, an art class, a ceremony of sorts, or a declaration to yourself........ what will you do to make yourself feel SPECIAL???? Let this day be the jumping off point of MANY, MANY special dates with YOU. Go on, before reservations are booked. I expect follow-up details ;) If you're in a relationship, take yourself on a date anyway!
Email me your amazing date details/links: chelseatalkssmack@gmail.com

Happy planning. xo.


dominique said...

this is too fabulous for words. is it acceptable to pretend i am single for the day and follow this game plan?

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

@dominique- YES, I should probably note that EVERYONE should do it, single or not ;)

Akirah said...

Fuck yes. :)

Nikki said...

I'm married and I want to do this. I've never had a Valentine's day like that anyway. You're a genius.

jen said...

I will be with those pretending! My bf declared Valentines is cancelled because my birthday takes priority...who am I to argue? I get gifts all the same! Whoop!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Nikki- YES, DO IT! Start planning :) xo.

Anonymous said...

This kinda makes me want to be single. Also, I own that baby doll you linked to and I can say firsthand, I turn myself on in it. Yeah. I said it. So all you ladies need to go buy it for yourselves.

David Stehle said...

I went on a date with myself last night. It was unplanned because my original date had canceled on me.

I didn't know what was worse...that my date canceled or that my date was my Mom?

Regardless, it was the first movie I saw alone. And you know what, it was ok. It's ok to be perfectly lonely.

Rahul said...

Usually on Valentine's Day I listen to Coldplay and eat Bon Bons while watching Beaches. This year I will mix it up and listen to The Fray instead.

And then buy flowers.

Magdalena Viktoria said...

this is awesome!
I have to say that my best Valentine's Day (last year) didn't involve romantic love but just pure love of my girlfriends, happily enjoying our friendship and life.

Cass said...

I know I don't comment often, but you are amazing. I wish more girls would do this.

Anonymous said...

I love this. LOVE. I had crazy amazing plans for the 14th-(I mean we had been together for 2 years-Valentines day was sorta my gig, ya know?) Anyway, that changed 3 weeks ago-and it has been a hellish time, I have followed your blog for ages now, and I go back and read posts that I know will cheer me up each day.
So....what I'm trying to say is-thank you, this inspiration could not have come at a better time-I need it, challenge accepted!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I've sort of intentionally single for a while, so I don't have Valentine woe, but I can use any excuse to celebrate me.

doniree said...

I love everything about this. And my love for you, while unconditional and pure, is also a little bit romantic.

I hope that's ok.

You're one hot bitch, Miss SMACK. :)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

eleanorstrousers- Intentionally single is totally fine :) I'm intentionally single right now too- but who says you can't celebrate YOURSELF, just because! :)

Cass- thank you so much dear :)

bellerenee- DO ITTTTTT

Unknown said...


V-day was never really my thing, single or no. This year it's just an excuse to chill out in my underwear watch action flicks with the man.

Missy said...

I love this post and totally needed it. I've been debating whether it's lame to get yourself flowers on Valentine's Day, but damn it I'm single and I love flowers! So challenge accepted!

Now to go order some lingerie so I can walk around feeling like a vixen all day...

ameena said...

Oh my god, you're my hero. This is the best, ever.

Amy said...

This kind of makes me wish I was single. My second favourite Valentine's Day was when I was single - I came home from work, cooked an obnoxiously huge and fatty pasta meal, and ate it all myself, with a bottle of pinot grigio and a Dawson's Creek marathon.

This was only topped by the v-day I spent in NYC, and just cause it was New York, I mean, five solid hours of Pacey Witter is one thing but NYC!!??

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Amy- Dude, DO IT ANYWAY ;) No need to be single to do something amazing for yourself.

Anonymous said...

i friggin love this post. I wish more girls would do this. I also wish someone had written this 5 years ago when I found myself single for the first time since I was 17.

I hope you have a great v-day!

Unknown said...

You are funny and WAY freakin' cute and you don't even have to hear it because you already know.

And anyone that passed you up obviously has bad taste.

That being said, Valentines Day in a couple is overrated. I always expect dreamy and then get disappointed. This year I'm going to plan an all man friendly action flick-like date. I'm seriously buying my husband bullets and boy stuff and we are going to shoot things and act like Arnold Schwarzetnegger. It's going to be his day.

JUST ME said...

LOVE this.

I neither love nor hate this holiday anymore. I do intend to buy a good amount of chocolate to GIVE AWAY (hear that, stomach?!) ... but other than that, I'll have to think.....

Summer Fades said...

And this, my friend, is why you will find love faster than most - when you're ready: because this is true beauty, true brilliance, true soul.

Can't wait to relive this entire scrip on VDay.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely brilliant and beautiful. I like the way you think, lady.

Bonnie said...

I. Love. This.
You're kind of my fucking hero right now.
I'm engaged. We don't do the sappy Valentine's Day thing because, well, we're just not that into it. Our V-day is the day before, February 13, because that is the day of our engagement anniversary. I consider that a socially acceptable day to celebrate because there is nothing commercial or forced about the 13th. The 14th is where the problem lies.
I have always thought, during times when I was both single and taken, that the 14th is a commercially contrived holiday to a) force people to spend money; b) force love into the world; and c) make people who don't have a significant other feel badly about themselves.
And "c" just isn't fair.
So they can suck my dick whether I am single or not.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful.

I've never done anything on Valentines. Unless you count those awesome grade school days where everyone is obligated to give you candy and cards, and every once and awhile there's a special card or candy from that adorable blond boy in your class. Spend the day on the swings with him talking about Star Wars, etc.

But that was long ago. So this year, I think I'll take your advice! What's to stop me? (Even happier Monday's are my day off this semester.) A yoga class sound perfect, and I'm sure I'll find other things to treat myself to! Flowers and frozen yogurt :)

Micah said...

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day, mostly because I feel like it was designed only for couples, even though lots of people insist it's for all kinds of love. Usually those people are part of a couple though, so what do they know?

So, I usually pretty much ignore the day. Your proposal is tempting though. And could go for ANY day, not just Feb. 14.

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

love this post!! i need to get working on planning my date!

Herding Cats said...

You wrote this well. SOOOO well. I have a Valentine this year, but I still kind of want to have a special ME day too. This inspired me a lot.

San said...

This is genius! I'm married but I want join too. Best Valentine's Day ever :)

You rock, girl!

pixie658 said...

Unfortunately, Valentine's Day is a Monday this year, so I have a date with my personal trainer and then studying after I get off work. ;) I have been alone on Valentine's Day since 2006. At this point, it's just another day to me. Granted, I send my BFFs and my mom and brother Valentine's cards. :D
This is a great reminder to savor these moments with myself.
You are beautiful, lady.

Annemarie said...

First- I adore your blog! Following now :)

And this is a fantastic post! I've been with my boyfriend for 6 years (this will be our 7th Vday) and I WANT TO DO THIS!!! Haha. Think I just might!

WendyB said...

I've always thought that everyone should feel the love on Valentine's Day!

And everyone should send flowers to someone...anyone! Just for fun.

Kitty said...

I took myself out on a date the other night and it was fabulous. Sushi, wine, and fried cheesecake! I even walked myself to the door and didn't try to cop a feel! I wanted to, though.

Cheers and keep up the awesomeness!

Kelly Frances Dunn said...

Totally LOL about the part how you won't be dressed in black with a bottle of whiskey in hand this year :D

asplenia said...

I am totally going to wine and dine the dildo I would not actually buy! (That is kinda a joke but since my entire last blog post was about it, I couldn't resist.)

Seriously, probably I will curl up with a good book and the flowers like you said because your plan looks pretty damn awesome.

sib said...

love it.. :) valentine's day is coming..

xx claudia

Brenna said...

I remember going out to dinner by myself for a treat - it seemed to bother other people more than me! I was having a grand old time until people started staring ! This was in France, so I don't know if it's a cultural thing...but still!

Michelle said...

Fabulous post, as usual, Chelsea!

We are in the middle of a big blizzard in Chicago and I will be among the many who are not working tomorrow. I was feeling pretty crappy about all the FB posts out there about everyone cozying up to their families, all snowed in (meanwhile, it's just me and the cats for at least the next two days- my SO is overseas working for another 4 months).

I know it's not Valentine's day, but it's the idea...I don't have to sit and feel sorry for myself bc of what I don't have. I can embrace the day to take care of and focus on ME. I will remember to do the same on Vday. I'm sure your date with you will be amazing and I can't wait to read about it. I know that you know this in your heart bc of how you write, but when you find the guy who fully deserves you and loves you to the ends of the Earth, he will be so darn lucky to have you! You're the best.

PS- That David commenter above (you have a great blog, too, David, btw!)...hot...and sensitive...if one of you ever happens to be in the other's city...just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

Good post. Thanks for the chuckle. You're every woman's cheerleader. Makes me glad that yesterday I bought that you-have-to-be-crazy-to-buy-that-gorgeous-faux-fur-bag, and-you'll-use-it-when?? Made me smile when I saw it first thing this morning on my dining room table. It's coming to work with me. Good job ~ xox Alexandra

Unknown said...

Huzzah! (another underappreciated word in my opinion) That was fantastic my dear. Double huzzah.

Kristin said...

"She will NOT and I repeat WILL NOT; drunk text, cry in public, sneer at happy couples, 'boycott the whole fucking thing,' or say, "why me?" You know why it was you, SISTER here's why; because, perhaps this year you need to, ahem, yes, SPEND A LITTLE TIME ON YOUR OWN GODDAMN SELF, stop worrying about "finding love," or your fucking eggs getting old (or whatever,) don't worry about the timeline, and for the love of Baby Jesus, please stop telling yourself that he was the best you could get."

I love this. Couldn't love it more. I have always loved Valentine's Day despite high proportion of them spent single because at the end of the day it's a whole day devoted to love. And who can argue we don't all need a little more love in this world? Especially for ourselves. Thanks so so so so much for sharing this! I kind of want to print it out and hang it on the bathroom mirror for the entire month of February...

Thelma Frayne said...

Im single this Valentine's day too.

So happy Valentine's day from me x


Courtney Erin said...

I'm married and really want to do this - it sounds amaze balls!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Brandi said...

I can't tell you how much this post means to me. You're just fantastic. My boyfriend and I broke up a month ago, very unexpectedly. I still have a deep rift in my heart, but I'm not going to get all weepy about Valentine's Day. I will turn it into something fantastic and awesome that I can celebrate. I may even throw a fantastic single ladies party.

m_b said...

this is AWESOME chelsea! you crack me up. i always go on dates with myself...i hate when people talk at the movies, that's my prime alone-only spot. and my manfriend hates v-day so i'm so taking you up on this! (he uses the excuse, "i love you everyday, not just that day.") not valid.

Dee Paulino said...

This post is hilariously true, I love it. Guess what? I was planning on doing exactly that for valentines, "celebrating with champagne but no fancy dress or going on a date with myself." The plan was to cook me something delicious and watch a few good Audrey Hepburn movies.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Hell yes!

Natalie said...

That's actually a fantastic way to look at Valentine's Day! Rather than feeling like a loser for being single, I am just going to focus on all of the reasons being single is great. :D

Anonymous said...

You are definitley the BOMB! Go get it Girlie! Make 'em all sick with LOVE for just YOU!!! :o)

Hillary said...

It's a little ridiculous how much I enjoyed this post :) Thanks for the inspiration, lady. It has been a loooong time since I've taken myself on a date.

Just M said...

I am so going to take myself on a date this year. There is a local bar that throws a "Love Sucks" party every year. I must refrain from attending this year. :)

Just think of the things I can do in DC on Vday. Limo, horse and buggy ride, monuments at night, dinner as some crazy expensive restaurant. I could even propose to myself (hahahaha kidding).

I am so excited! Thanks Chelsea.

Chelsea said...

valentine's day is on a monday this year, so i'm not too worried about the actual day, but i am planning on spending the ENTIRE weekend beforehand with girlfriends. going out, eating dinner, dancing, drinking, shopping, whatever we want. and it will be the best valentine's ever.

Fizzgig said...

well geez....being newly single again (ding ding ding) i feel that my hopes of having a movie date with a girlfriend simply wont do for valentines now!


Prutha Raithatha said...

this is brilliant... i love this post...super funny...

ur sis needs to follow ur advice for sure...

Jen Woodall said...

Wow! This is amazing. It's like you pulled it right out of my brain. Yesterday I wrote a post about the Art of Feeling Pretty which would go absolutely PERFECT with this date!


Nikki said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I was going to do this anyway & this just fueled my sexy ass fire. Hell to the yes.

Rachel said...

I love this.

Marz said...

Love, love, love this!!!! You are fabulous you know :)

Lauryn said...

I love the idea of dressing up for yourself. There's no one better to do it for! Great idea.

Alexia said...

Like, OMG, Chelsea, I've heard so much about you but why have I never been hurr?!
J'adore your V-Day post. I chuckled out loud several times. This year I have e-mailed every single person in the vicinity that I actually like and invited them out. No couple allowed. Our best buds will be pissed but oh well, they have each other. We're getting dressed up and hitting the town. Not to prove that we LOVE being chronically single, but just 'cos WE CAN. Oh yeah.


Anonymous said...

I organized an event with all my Besties(singles&couples)to go to Bingo(yes BINGO) then bowling. Complete with a shared flask for all! I wouldn't change this for anything and we're going to have THE TIME OF OUR LIVES...

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

helllo, hellloooo- I'm LOVING reading about all of your date plans, literally cannot wait to see what you call come up with...I've gotten email from some of you and from other who don't have blogs who are planning vacations, dinners, one of them is going to see Anthony Bourdain speak....all awesome things. Keep 'em coming!!! ALSO, Hell yeah to Bingo ;)

SIDENOTE: The giveaway for all who are participating in the V-Day Date Yourself Revolution, is going to be kick ass.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for posting this! I was dreading Valentine's Day until I read this. Now I can't wait!

Expect an email coming your way soon! :)

amber said...

wow. i absolutely loved every single bit of this!!

hannahjustbreathe said...

I freaking LOVE this post! Bravo! Wahoo!!

Also...um...does going to yoga count as a Valentine's Day date with myself?? :)

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
terra said...

This is an absolute incredible idea! I love it! There's a chance my husband might have to move to NC for a bit and if that happens, I'm totally enacting mandatory date nights with me, myself and I! And if it doesn't happen, I'm still going to work on taking myself out more often.

Phoenix said...

DUDE - I am totally doing this. I'm in a relationship and I can't freakin' WAIT to do this! Only my date will end with me on the couch in my fancy dress watching Vampire Diaries re-runs, don't judge.

But Mac and cheese will definitely be involved, oh yes. Yes they will.

Anonymous said...

i feel so special that you commented on my blog, it's kind of pathetic. You made my day!

Thanks Guuurrrlfriend :)


michelle said...

i would take myself somewhere fancy since i'm celebrating v-day a week late. unfortunately, i'm saving my monies for the real date night with my boy. staying in wouldn't be special enough since i do that every week lol

i love this though. maybe i'll take myself on a st. patty's day date instead :)

maggeygrace said...

This is amazing. I love the first comment- it makes me wish I were single to have this much fun ;) Why didn't I read this last year when I felt so weird on Valentine's Day last year being the only single gal among my friends?? La-ame! It doesn't matter, though. I love myself through and through and it's not because of a boy!

Aedd said...

Wow, that's the best challenge ever! Also, that's for linking the Brene Brown video! I really needed that! <3

NicPic Photography said...

Thanks for your comment!! I have a question...from a new blogger...to a obviously...really popular blogger! LOL...how did you get so many fololowers?! i only have 2! :( LOL I just got started and i really suck at this!! LOL

Gertrude said...

This was post great! Even though I'm in a relationship, but still I loved reading it! x

stephiejane said...

i'm in love with this post...even as someone in a relationship, sometimes you just NEED to treat yourself to something special...remind you of who you are and why you love yourself!!

pink cupcake vintage said...

freaking love your blog!! thanks for stopping by so I could find you!!

hklover86 said...

My horizontal life by Chelsea Handler is amazing!! Its so funny and witty. I got it at Value Village and have read it twice.

jayme said...

yo guuuurl. i posted about this post and thought i'd give ya the shout out! amazingness! oxo

Tea said...

GENIUS... I F'n love it! I every woman should read this, single or not. Thx girl ;)

Jen Woodall said...

I referenced this in my Valentines Day post! Happy Valentines Day to ME!


Loving myself completely this year!

Anonymous said...

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