Monday, October 31, 2011

Making Space, Doing Cartwheels, Skipping beats. What a Vague Title.

Now is the time to make space.

Space- internally, behind the doors, stuffed in the back of the drawers and underneath the layers of camouflaged emotion. Rummage through the spaces you reserved specifically for all the "junk," where you kept it "in case" you needed to use it as ammo in a moment of calamity, knowing it would be there to comfort you like an old friend. That stuff, that has to go now.
There's a curbside waiting for it's arrival and there's other visitors at your door.....ready to come in and start making a home. Infiltrating you with new words and new landscapes, new rhythms and exchanges. New whirling fantasies and pretty charm.

....they'll keep you on your toes, remind you of who you are and hint at who you're becoming.... be mindful to like this person, that they hint at. Warmly embrace them. Welcome the subtle transformations like you do the changing of the leaves or the growth of your hair.
One day it wasn't and the next day is just was. Steady metamorphosis.

Choose these people, these things, these surroundings- gingerly, with curiosity and optimistic hesitation. These are the characters that will hang their hats and kick up their feet, atop all of your treasures, the ones we see and the ones we don't...they'll complicate your plans and make appearances in your day-to-day thought patterns.... they'll consume parts of you, even if you are careful. Let the pieces they consume be some of your favorites, roll with it.

Rearrange some things, tilt your head and furrow your brows- mull it over. Dance about in the emptiness. Do leaps and somersaults and salutations in every direction, to every Moon and Sun and stars.

Let the openness of this new space scare you a bit...because being afraid is exhilarating, sweaty palms and racing hearts, navigating and mastering, speaking up and skipping beats-- it's just your heart reminding you that you are ALIVE. See that? Skip, skip.

I have so much space, cleared out- cleansed, if you will, and out of familiarity a part of me wants to complicate it, fill it up with things, write on the walls and OCCUPY it. DO ALL THE THINGS, BE ALL THE THINGS, KNOW ALL THE PEOPLE, HAVE ALL THE THINGS RIGHT NOW- and I think, the beat I'm following happens to be just the right rhythm. Must just let it be, Chels. Add one new piece at a time, surveying all the parts before they become a permanent fixture.

I like this, even the awkward, sometimes-blue-and-wistful-all-at-the-same-time parts. This space-y, skippy, 'fraidy-cat, cartwheeling me. Just one piece at a time little chick.......

How much SPACE do you have in your heart and your life?


Fizzgig said...

I hav space.

Like, a Sean Diddy Combs sized mansion.

Waiting for my tall dark and handsome rolls royce to park itself in my 5 car garage.

Unknown said...

Openness. I love it.

Nicole said...

I love it.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I think leaving space for the new in our life is so important, and something that we often forget. you have hit the nail on the head with this post :)

Dr. Cynicism said...

I have no space -- but now I want some :-) (Great idea, and even better delivery!)

LittleFawn said...

It is so easy to get caught up in life with being busy between art projects, a social life, work, and other related areas that I find myself becoming trapped within this set of routine structure. And when something new gets introduced in the midst of all that chaos - I freak because I have no room for it. I didn't stop to take the time for it to be there. It is appears to be too much and a bad idea because what I may be juggling already is too much. So thank you so much for this blog post. It made me stop and realize how structured I had become with a schedule that I forgot to smell the roses and enjoy the new and where it takes me.

Kayta Hackman said...

I like the sound of this 'space' you speak of, but it's odd - because even when I'm alone everything feels crowded... maybe it's time to do a bit of a clean up.

chanel said...

I love this...and I need to make more space!

xo chanel

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