Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting to the ROOT of it all....

There’s this incredible tree, in front of my doorstep, that I marvel at everyday.

I just sort of sit and listen to it.

The way it moves, the way it lets the wind sort of take it and rustle its leaves. I don’t know what kind of tree it is, I don’t know how long it’s been there- but I know that it’s this magnificent organism that’s functioning, breathing, sustaining itself and there’s something about that, that I find incredible solace in.

There’s comfort in knowing that amidst the dis-order, there’s destined order and routine, the kind that doesn’t have any agenda, rather exists to remind you that when anything/everything falls you will still react to the wind, to the demands, to the seasons and you will grow anyway.

The tree lets the weather take hold of it and it still stands there, rooted, and oscillating yet steady.

This is sort of how I feel. About life. Being a part of this living, breathing, operating and cooperating organ, that is still strong and planted.

I have this thing, this thing in me that always tells me, “know more, learn me, BE more….” The other night over roasted Brussel Sprouts and San Bres I mentioned my desire to feel more adequate and equipped to create, share, and take in beautiful things; knowledge, literature, music, everything that I can sink my mind-teeth into and chew on and my dear friend Lisa, who, I’ll probably talk about here often- because she fell back into my life after years effortlessly and has since made me feel like I’ve come home to myself again- said, “You have to start with what you know…” or something along those lines, message being: delve deeper into what it is that already has a HOLD on you. And start from there.

I talk about this a lot, this whole “Bloom where you’re planted,” idea and as a natural gypsy with a suitcase packed by the door and an agenda for “the next thing” on the line at all times, I have to check back in and remind myself of what that actually means. Where are you planted? What are the things that make you bristle up with eagerness to BEGIN them, to be a part of them…. What turns that light, just a notch brighter?

I know myself, I’d like to think incredibly well. But, it’s always easy to forget- and there’s a difference between knowing yourself and BEING yourself.

The things that begin at the ROOT for me are:

Music, but not just any music- the music that wakes up the slumbering soul, the music that suggests you should “go there…” the music that suggests you should stand up, strip down the façade and just. Fuckin. Dance. The music that brushes against nerves and makes the heart pangs flinch into submission, the music that makes your chest cave in and hurt so good. My root is in utmost conviction, loyalty, and unwavering reliability as a friend, as a partner and as a family member. In knowing my damn priorities and not for a minute, second-guessing who and what is important and needs attention or care.

My root tap, tap, taps on my shoulder and says, “you’re going to do that someday….carry on…” my root reminds me that I am capable and intuitive, gifted and prepared.

My root is shamelessly a lover of the vices that make you feel good and in no apologies necessary, My Dear. My root is somewhere amongst the stars and the moon, castles on clouds and neck-bending beanstalks and all the ladders, spaceships, slingshots and time traveling machines that it takes to live in their company. My root whispers; connect, create, CHALLENGE, understand, observe, demand.

My root is in full transparency, no holds-barred, take it or leave it. With a side of, let’s all just get along and be those shiny, happy, people holding hands?

My root is in, “I don’t give a fuck, but please be gentle.” My root is in happy endings, once upon a time, There Once Was A Boy…. And dreams do come true, ya’ll.

My root is somewhere wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt with a change of ridiculousness tucked away, just in case.

My root is somewhere in time wearing Pippi Longstocking braids, sitting around a card table with family playing Apples to Apples, drinking cheap beer and talking about love and babies, or politics, or babies, love and politics.

My root is always saying- be patient, be kind, be authentic, BE OPEN… and don’t forget to fall in love, even just a little, with something or someone everyday.

What does the ROOT of yourself tell you???


JUST ME said...

That I'm a creative, restless person who must never tread the "normal" path.

...This does not, however, mean that life will be easy. Ever. Dear jesus god. Nope.

At least we know that we're in this together.

AmberDawn said...

I like you. At least from what I've read here in this post... You are a gem.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Just me- GIRL. GURLLLL. yes.

Happy Wife- aw, thank you so much :)

P!nky said...

"My root is somewhere wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt with a change of ridiculousness tucked away, just in case."

What a beautiful beautiful is now living on a post it...I hope that's okay.

Keep up your wonderful creativity, you are an inspiration.


Alison Kinsey said...

i couldn't agree more with "JUST ME", the first commenter. sounds like my current life story. but it makes life infinitely more interesting and adventurous that way ;)

i love your posts, they always cause me to think deeper than i believe my mind to be capable of! thank u for being you!

fabulousjunk said...

I just came across your blog and I am sooooo glad that I did :) This made my day!


Laskmy @ohmylaskmy said...

Sigh, I think I fancy your writing a bit too much. You are FAB!!!

Erica said...

I'm so grateful to have just stumbled across your blog.
That was beautifully written.
Will definitely be checking back for more inspiration.
Thank you!

Fizzgig said...

bloom where you are planted has got to be my favorite mom-isms!

Windsor Andersen said...

Wisdom baby, you are one wise lady.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, that I am an island, that there are probably 58 people in the nation that I could truly click with.

Jessica Lauren said...

I can certainly appreciate your perspective, great writing. I will certainly be returning.

rachel said...

For me, music is the ultimate comforting friend. It's always there, inflicting different emotions and inspiring new thoughts.
The music that moves me every time I listen: Beirut, Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver, The Swell Season... Finding this kind of music is life changing. You actually start looking at things differently and it's incredible what you begin to see.
I like what you have to say. Thanks for your thoughts :)

Dr. Cynicism said...

Nice! I like the "I don’t give a fuck, but please be gentle" root -- it's pretty much how I handle every one of my faculty meetings :-)

Gia said...

Unique post...with a great picture to go with it!

Hmm, what is my root trying to say? Stop being so crazy, probably. Ah, what can ya do!

Unknown said...

Love this post Chelsea! So timely for me too...I've had a monumental breakthrough in my life that has been decades coming. I've finally realized that I don't have to be anyone but myself, and that I actually like me! I'm still exploring my roots, but I know that writing and creating will always be a part of it.

Merry Christmas!

Cobalt Violet said...

Love what you were saying about the tree ... My parents have a tree like that and when I was really sick a couple of years ago I would lie there, close my eyes and imagine the tree over me ... light shining through and leaves rustling ... trees truly are healing.

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